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Minimize IBM Cognos Support Costs with a NTE

Minimize IBM Cognos Support Costs with a NTEAre you curious on how to minimize IBM Cognos Support Costs? You may have heard rumors that you can negotiate with IBM to lock in your support costs so they don’t increase significantly. Under certain situations, IBM allow clients to enter into an addendum, which is often called […]

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Cognos Licensing & Cognos Support Blogs

Cognos  Licensing, Cognos  Support, and Renewals  BlogsBelow is the good, bad and the ugly  of what we have learned so far and what we are still learning about Cognos support, Cognos licensing and renewals  blogs. To search for a specific topic, use the search bar to the right. Who Doesn’t Like Top Notch Service? Call Lodestar’s Concierge […]

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IBM is Simplifying Cognos BI Licensing Again

Spring Break is right around the corner and IBM is ready to party! For the pre-party, IBM released Cognos Analytics 11, which is great business intelligence and now available for download. The real party begins June 9th, 2016, as IBM will be converting some of its IBM Cognos BI licensing such as it’s Business Intelligence Consumer (#E061BLL) license to […]

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Cognos TM1 Licensing 13 Most Common Questions

​IBM Cognos TM1 Licensing – 13 most common questions Little unsure about your TM1 licenses? Lodestar Solutions brings you the 13 most common TM1 licensing questions:Little unsure about your TM1 licenses? Lodestar Solutions brings you the 13 most common TM1 licensing questions:​What is the Difference in TM1 and IBM Cognos Performance Management? Pretty much they […]

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Cognos BI Information Distribution Licenses – Now Available as Named User

Lodestar wants to draw your attention to an exciting new option for IBM Cognos BI customers. In the past, the Cognos BI Information Distribution roles were only available via PVU licensing.   Now, however, Cognos BI Information Distribution is available as an Authorized User License role. This allows users to view saved reports, burst reports, or consume active reports. The following […]

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How To Calculate IBM PVU Rating

As Business Analytics Coaches at Lodestar Solutions, we are often asked about Calculating IBM PVU. Questions like – “What is a PVU?” or “How do I calculate my IBM PVU to ensure we’re in compliance with our licensing?”  I will provide some insight to these questions along with some helpful links to get you started! […]

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