What’s Your Cognos Analytics Upgrade Plan?

What’s Your Cognos Analytics Upgrade Evaluation Plan?

It’s been a year since the initial release of Cognos Analytics, aka C11. It is common for companies to wait 12 to 18 months after the initial release of any technology before adopting new versions. So, now is the time to evaluate!

Over the next several weeks, you will receive periodic emails aimed at keeping you on target and the process fresh in your mind. This week is an overview of the 6 Phased Framework Lodestar uses with clients to successfully implement a new system while creating end user excitement and increasing adoption success rates.

Cognos Analytics

Our toolkit is broken down into a simple 6 Phased Framework.

1. Environment and Admin Prep

The first thing you need is a viable test environment. Our toolkit provides instructions on how to download Cognos Analytics from your IBM Passport Advantage site plus user guides on installation and configuration. Before you start implementing, we recommend that your administrators and power users get up to speed on Cognos Analytics.

2. End User Adoption Success

The next step in the evaluation is end user acceptance testing because this can be a game stopper. If your end users are resistant to change and are not going to embrace this new user interface, you have two options: Create a plan to get them to love it or stop and save your company’s money by keeping the status quo.

Since end user acceptance is so critical to the project’s success, this is where you should spend most of your time. In our toolkit, we teach a four-part framework on how to analytically evaluate end user acceptance. It also teaches you creative techniques on how to get your organization to embrace change by putting out an “Under New Management” sign.

3. Deployment Team Readiness

The next section covers how to determine if your deployment team has the time and resources needed to deploy Cognos Analytics. If you’re in the middle of an ERP implementation and you are using the same resources, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you do not have the resources available now. The Cognos Analytics upgrade is a fabulous time to incorporate a lot of positive changes and you want to ensure you have the resources to maximize this unique opportunity.

4. Rollout/Training Strategy

In the rollout assessment, you evaluate what would be the most effective way to rollout and train end users. Remember, this is a brand-new user interface so all users will need some type of training. In our toolkit, we mention some easy to implement methods to make you scalable while providing effective training that you can afford.

5. Budget/ROI

Many of you will need to secure funding, which means management will want to understand the ROI of the upgrade. No one ever likes to ask for money, but we have made it easy for you. In the toolkit, there is a budget template to get you started and we teach you how to build your ROI case starting at the beginning of the evaluation.

6. Conclusion

Finally, based upon everything that you have learned, you and your team will make a go or no go decision and define the next steps.

To access the Cognos Analytics toolkit

Lodestar’s CA Upgrade Evaluation Toolkit

Cognos Analytics

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