7 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Workspace (PAw)

You have probably heard a lot about Planning Analytics Workspace (PAw).  However, like most TM1 / Planning Analytics shops you are probably creating reports using web sheets in perspectives and publishing them on TM1 web.  Now is the time to understand why you should purchase Workspace (PAw) if you do not already own it.

7 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Workspace (PAw)
  1. First and foremost PAX and by extension workspace does not have the inherent WAN issues with perspectives. You can publish on workspace and you eliminate the need to have a VPN or Citrix to report off TM1

  2. No need to use fancy macros and or VB to make you reporting dynamic and turn key.

  3. There are some very slick features in PAX that make reporting a breeze. Too many to go over here. 

  4. Now you have the ability to build powerful dashboards quickly and you also have the ability to collaborate among your team on a centralized dashboard.

  5. The ability to use powerful visualization within workspace.

  6. Simple language querying capability in Workspace.

  7. IBM's go forward strategy is to build all models in Workspace.
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