8 Keys to Successful Cognos Dashboards

8 Keys to Successful Cognos Dashboards

The purpose of Organizational Dashboards is to create clear visibility in your organization which leads to better decision making.  So why do so many organization struggle with the ability to get successful dashboards?

Effective and successful dashboards require:

  1. Reliable and timely source data
  2. Measures should motivate behavior to achieve Key Performance Indicators
  3. Clear definitions of measures –  ie Does “Sales” include returns and allowances?
  4. Measured items on the Dashboard should be actionable
  5. Dashboards should allow users to drill into details
  6. Data should have hierarchy and agreed upon business rules
  7. Flexibility to easily modify what’s presented on the dashboard based on business changes
  8. Partnership between the business users and IT

When defining dashboards, the project team should be a collaboration between the business and IT.  The business users need to clearly articulate their needs and work with IT to figure out where the supporting data resides and what format it is in.  Don’t be surprised if the business is requesting dashboard components that include data points not collected by the current systems.  Set realistic expectations with the end users especially for Phase 1.

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