What the Heck is an IBM Cognos PVU?

A PVU (Processor Value Unit) is a unit of measure used by IBM to determine the usage on the server. Technically, a PVU license is assigned to the Analytic Server, meaning there is a cost per core processor. Simple enough right? Not so fast. The PVU value assigned to each core depends on hardware. Not all core processors are treated alike. It’s kind of like being taxed a little higher for a luxury automobile, the better the performance the higher the tax. A server’s PVU count is defined by the brand, model and number of physical processors running in the server and the number of core chips per processor. In order to calculate the number of PVUs, it also is necessary to refer to IBM’s PVU-per-core ratings for current processor technologies, which are updated on IBM’s website here .

Do You Have The Correct IBM Cognos Licenses for BI or TM1?

 9/7/2018 Myth: I have the correct IBM Cognos Licenses for BI or TM1Are you an IBM Analytics client that inherited Cognos?  Or maybe your organization purchased it years ago but with all the licensing changes you don’t know what you own. The question is do you have the correct IBM Cognos Licenses for BI or TM1?  I … Read more

IBM Cognos BI Dispatcher and PVUs

8/9/2016Are your IBM Cognos BI reports taking a long time to run? Do you have certain reports that are scheduled to be sent to a certain department? Are you looking at adding another Cognos BI server and want to limit your PVU rating? Depending on how your system is set up, you may want to control … Read more

How To Calculate IBM PVU Rating

11/4/15As Business Analytics Coaches at Lodestar Solutions, we are often asked about Calculating IBM PVU. Questions like – “What is a PVU?” or “How do I calculate my IBM PVU to ensure we’re in compliance with our licensing?”  I will provide some insight to these questions along with some helpful links to get you started! What is … Read more

Difference between Cognos Express and Enterprise Licensing?

8/15/15If the code and versions are the same, then what’s the difference between Cognos Express and Enterprise licensing? Answer: User counts and Price! IBM made a big change in Cognos Express this spring when they announced they would eliminate the separate code base of Express. This means Cognos Express would be the same software and version of … Read more

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