TM1 Contributor Rights and Functionality Explained

​TM1 Contributor Rights Explained

TM1 Enterprise Planning Contributor is the primary licenses end users of TM1 utilize. It allows for end users to have read and write access to the TM1 models. Under IBM Cognos licensing, end users have the following TM1 Contributor rights

•Modify & review workflow status through Planning Manager or TM1 Contributor

•Perform read/write data operations via any supported TM1 interface, including:

  • TM1 Contributor
  • TM1 for Microsoft Excel
  • TM1 Web

•Execute TM1 Turbo Integrator processes and chores

•Create private & public presentation objects via TM1 for Microsoft Excel

•Read data from and write data to a TM1 server through IBM Cognos Connection web portlets displaying TM1 viewers

•Use Action Buttons in TM1 for Microsoft Excel and TM1 Web interfaces for navigation of forms

•Access to utilize Cognos Insight (v10)

Note the TM1 Contributor licenses must have related server rights, either through Analytics Server licenses or previously granted server rights from earlier version of TM1.

TM1 Contributor Rights - different interfaces

Let’s take a moment to explore the different user interfaces available to the end user under the TM1 Contributor license.

TM1 for Microsoft Excel is a client version that runs as an add-in to Microsoft Excel and provides limited access to data on remote TM1 Servers.

TM1 Web is a client version that accesses via the web forms giving the end users that ability to access complex models with read-write and ‘what if’ modeling capabilities. The Web forms are worksheets that support the functions, formatting and graphic capabilities of Microsoft Excel all on the Web. With just a browser, you can create, personalize and update budgets and models. The Web client requires no download so you can get right to work on your budgeting and forecasting assignments. The end users get fast performance from the Microsoft.NET architecture and the end users can export to Excel if desired.

tm1 contributor rights

TM1 Contributor is a client user interface that allows for access via the web but adds a build in workflow so it is easy to identify which users have not submitted the data to the plan. The power user will create views of the data in TM1 and leverage them to create the TM1 Contributor Application. The power user will establish the approval hierarchy. When a user accesses the model and enters data, it is stored in a designated area of their personal workspace until the data is either committed to the base model or reset (cleared). In Contributor, uncommitted data is viewed in blue until committed. Data can be exported to Excel from Contributor.

You can have a mixed environment where some of your users access models via the Contributor and others Excel, but plan this out accordingly.

With IBM Cognos TM1 10, TM1 Contributor rights include Cognos Insight. For more information on Cognos Insight check out our posting: “What is Cognos Insight?”

We also have information on how to download Cognos Insight

And finally we have periodic webinar on this topic

For more information please contact Lodestars Solutions 813-415-2910

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