Arrgh! The Lodestar Pirates won’t be at IBM Insight 2014 (IOD)

We wanted to let all our loyal mates know that the Lodestar Solution’s Pirates won’t be sailing into the IBM Insight 2014(formerly known as IOD) port this year.  Yes we were scheduled to attend but, upon examination, we realized attending would not further our goals to steer you to make your IBM Cognos Business Analytics investment really sail.

Lodestar’s goal is to guide you by being the leading educator and implementers of business analytics.  Candidly, we determined that sitting in a trade show booth for hours would not be as beneficial to you as us focusing on developing amazing new content that we can bring to you!  Instead of hanging out at IBM Insight 2014 in Vegas, the Lodestar crew is going to be developing a number of exciting new 1 hour software agnostic programs that we can bring to you.  These training programs will show you how to:

  • Define your data map for better data in less time
  • Create a Business Analytics culture
  • Promote yourself as a BA expert
  • Give a Demo that doesn’t suck
  • Define your BA roadmap
  • Meet the needs of the Business with the data that’s not in the warehouse
  • Increase end user adoption
  • Increase your effectiveness in Requirements Gathering
  • Create a partnership between the Business and IT
  • Develop effective training programs that make you scalable
  • And much more…

Our plan is to create our unique programs and provide a limited number of free training sessions each month.  The free programs each month will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

Why are we not attending IBM Insight 2014?  

“We believe strongly the Data and Analytics can improve the world.  If we can help empower you, you can change the world!”

Look for our captain in Vegas.  We realize a number of you look forward to chatting with our captain, Heather Cole, so while Heather won't entrenched into the traditional IBM Insight 2014, she plans to come to Vegas for a day or two.  If you would like to schedule a time to meet with her in Vegas, please email  Her schedule will fill up fast, so don’t delay.  Heather plans to provide everyone that meets with her a copy of her audio session, “How to Give a Software Demo that Doesn’t Suck”.

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