The Basics of Cognos Analytics

Basics of Cognos Analytics

What is Cognos Analytics?

The basics of Cognos Analytics can be summed up as the newest version of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, historically referred to as Cognos 10 or Cognos 8.  Simply put, Cognos Analytics offers a new and improved self service platform that empowers end users to create personalized dashboards and reports with little IT support.  

Do I Own Cognos Analytics?

YES! If you are current on your Cognos BI support then you own Cognos Analytics. This is true for both the Enterprise version or Express version of the software.

What Do I Get with Cognos Analytics?

Basically, it starts with a new, easier to use and navigate, user interface. The new reporting area is just like report studio, however, the new user interface does not look as complex and technical as the old report studio. The new dashboard area is simply fantastic. Build dashboards quickly, no need to create widgets in report studio, using any number of data sets.  Furthermore, a simple dashboard can be created in about 10 minutes. The story area provides the ability to take your dashboard items and tell a story to end users with a PowerPoint feel.  Finally, the data area allows end users to create on the fly data modeling.  A great addition, although you will need a strategy as to who you will allow to create their own data modules.

Check out this high level overview video of Cognos Analytics

Why Should I Upgrade to Cognos Analytics?

You may or may not have heard that standard support for Cognos 10.2.x will end in April 2018. If you are on version 10.1.x, support ended on April 30, 2016.  Obviously, if you are on Cognos 8, your support ended many moons ago.  Heather Cole recently wrote a great blog on the end of service for 10.2.x and the potential pitfalls by delaying your upgrade.    You can read it by clicking ​here​​​.  

Some other reasons you should consider upgrading: more user friendly interface, true self service, intent driven data modeling, Mapbox integration for geospatial, outstanding visualizations and a new and much improved dashboard experience.  Because of these reasons and many more, I highly suggest an upgrade right away.

Finally, contact to schedule a short demo and discuss your Cognos Analytics.  

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