Cognos Mobile BI Solutions

As the world continually moves faster and faster in regards to its thirst for actionable data, the potential ROI on cognos mobile BI solutions continues to grow. A recent IBM Institute for Business Values study delved into the world of “upward mobility” solutions. They divided their survey group into two sects; one being the top 14% defined as “Leaders” and the remaining 86% defined as “Others”. Of the top 14%’ers surveyed, on average, greater than 70% of those responded positively when asked about their ROI on BI solutions and their current mobile capabilities. For example, 70% of Leaders responded they are effective at integrating mobile solutions into their existing systems, and another 73% are able to see measurable ROI from mobile initiatives, while the remaining “Others” answered 40% and 34% respectively. What this trend is showing is that mobile solutions are becoming one of the defining integral factors in gauging success within the business intelligence realm. This is due to the continual exponential growth globally and the saturation we are seeing within the smart phone and tablet markets for the business community.

On the opposite side of this, in a recent article from “Enterprise Apps Today”, it was discussed how mobile BI solutions in business intelligence are still not satisfying users. Though with the massive popularity of mobile BI solutions, several recently released Gartner reports have indicated a growing dissatisfaction and poor performance with the bigger vendors compared to the smaller. Customers of the smaller vendors cite their extreme ease of use and implementation compared to their counterparts for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM. These large vendors’ products are less customizable and more cumbersome during implementation, with integration being described as “not an attractive element”.

Either way one may look at this, it can be seen that mobile BI solutions are a growing wave of the future. Now it is up to the large vendor to roll out a product that satisfies this growing demand within the market.

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