Big Data Analytics, Fantasy Baseball & You


We are now 21 days away from the mid-summer classic. I better take the opportunity to write a baseball/big data analytics related blog now while our Tampa Bay Rays are still in 1st place in the American League East.

Big Data Analytics and George Brett's run at .400

Big data analytics and fantasy baseball
Big data analytics and fantasy baseball

Remember back as a kid when you waited for Sunday’s newspaper to come out? You would leap to the sports section and dissect all the statistics for your favorite players. Batting average, runs scored, runs batted in, home runs would all be memorized within the next hour. You run out to play ball with your friends. You then attempt to persuade/argue that Roberto Clemente was more valuable than Carl Yastrzemski or how George Brett’s run at .400 was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We have come a long way my friends. While debates on players will always be around, we can now acquire just about any statistic instantly on our phones. Just swipe left or swipe right. But why are so many people more concerned with gathering statistics for “crucial” fantasy football/baseball decisions than the thing that provides them with their paycheck every two weeks?

Is it easier to make a trade for a first baseman than pitching a new direction to your middle management, risk adverse co-worker? Absolutely. Try concentrating some of your efforts into changing the culture & attitudes within your organization. But you can't expect to change the direction of a cruise ship on a dime, however. Lodestar Solutions suggests providing money and/or time-saving reasons that may persuade your risk adverse manager to consider using big data analytics. This, in turn, may help you steer your team towards more “wins”. Here are some reasons big data analytics could help:

  • Provide a more vivid picture of your business and the forces that affect it
  • Reduce the time between insight and action
  • Empower people at every level to act with confidence
  • Enable decision makers to find their own answers
  • Reveal answers to questions you never thought to ask

If you’re just testing the waters of big data analytics, let us help you. We could also help you or if you are considering a move to something with more functionality than you already have by contacting us at

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