Buying Cognos Licenses – IBM Reseller or IBM Direct?

As an IBM Cognos Premier Reseller, Lodestar Solutions takes the time to fully understand the ever changing licensing structure from IBM Cognos.  We educate our clients on the licensing thru webinars, blogs and personal conversations. Below are some key benefits to working with a reseller like Lodestar Solutions for buying Cognos licenses:

Competitive Prices: We have very competitive prices and can meet or beat quotes offered by IBM Cognos directly.

Certified Sales Team: Our sales team members are certified not only in selling Cognos but certified as consultants on the functionality of the software.  Our understanding of the functionality each Cognos  license has helped our clients realize substantial savings by ensuring they have the correct product mix and don’t purchase unnecessary licenses.

Tax Laws: We recommend our clients explore state tax laws in the state they are going to purchase their licenses.  There are often times tax loop holes in which Cognos licenses are not taxed.  Many states don’t charge tax if software is downloaded, so we make sure the orders clearly state delivery via download only.  Other states have unique tests to determine if the software is taxable.  Whenever possible we will help you to meet state tax the guidelines.

License terms are with IBM:  The terms of the IBM Cognos  licenses you purchase from Lodestar Solutions are the same terms you will get directly from IBM.  All clients are processed under the IBM license agreements in either IBM Passport Advantage or IBM Passport Advantage Express.

Education on License Changes: Periodically IBM changes the licensing structures, and Lodestar educates all clients on the changes and how they could be affected.  For example, in the Spring of 2010, IBM changed their Cognos Planning Contributor licenses to include the ability to have TM1 Contributor Functionality.  This required a license migration and Lodestar has guided a number of clients thru the process giving them added functionality at no cost.

Education on Functionality and IBM Cognos offerings: As a client of Lodestar Solutions, you will receive valuable information about local events, educational webinars, and new programs related to Cognos.   We inform clients on IBM offerings like the FREE IBM Cognos blueprints that are available from the innovation center.

There are many benefits from purchasing IBM Cognos licenses from a reseller like Lodestars Solutions.  We would be happy to help you.  For more information on licenses please contact us at 813-415-2910.

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