Cognos Analytics 11.1 Hands on Review


Recently, IBM released Cognos Analytics 11.1.  I have been using it now for a few weeks and I must say that I'm impressed with some of the new features and enhancements.  There are many new items in Cognos Analytics 11.1, too many to cover in one blog.  As such, I'm going to cover some of my favorites.  

New Install Files

The first thing you will see when you log into IBM Passport Advantage to download the CA 11.1 software is there are 3 main install files plus some other installers for Office and other items.  The 3 main files are the main installer, client installer and the server installer. The client installer contains Framework Manager, Life-Cycle Manager, Cube Designer and Dynamic Query Analyzer.  The server install contains the dispatcher, content manager and gateway.  The software development kit comes pre installed with this installs.  Last item of note, you still have the easy install option that was introduced with Cognos Analytics.

General Enhancements
  • You can now upload multi tab spreadsheets.  The system will generate a new table for each.
  • Support for .zip file formats
  • Support for multi file uploads
  • Append and replace options available for altering existing files.
Relative Dates

This new feature makes it easy to create as of dates and comparisons to dates in time.  The sample data comes with pre package calendars (calendar year and fiscal year that you can alter for your specific fiscal year).  The options include but no limited to month to date, quarter to date and year to date calculations made easy.

Cognos Analytics 11.1

In short, the new exploration feature allows you a flexible workspace to explore data and gain insight through Watson like artificial intelligence.  The system will take your data and automatically generate coorelated insights, details and suggested related visualizations.

  • Details - text is generated to provide insight that may not be see by just looking at the data.
  • Related Visualizations - the system recommends related visualizations that are related to what you are currently looking at. Based on the data analysis, these related visualizations might be of interest to you.
  • Correlated Insights - If one of the data items in a visualization is determined by the system to be a “target”, correlated insights indicate that the system has identified “drivers”. Correlated insights are displayed as green ovals with a number.
Cognos Analytics 11.1
Dashboards and Stories

There are some new exciting features in dashboards and stories in Cognos Analytics 11.1

  • Copy and Paste - You can use ctrl c and ctrl v to copy and past visualizations from dashboard to dashboard and keep the data points behind the visualizations.
  • Relative or Absolute Visualization Layout on the Dashbaord Canvas.
  • Page Size - you can now set the page size such as letter or legal.
  • Custom Color Pallets - You can create your own custom color pallets and save them for use across the organization.
  • Hide Tabs in Dashboards
  • Change the Color of Tabs
  • Widget Title Formatting - you can modify the font, size, color and style.
  • Properties Organized in Categories
  • Guidelines for Placing Objects on Canvas
  • Axis Labels - customize the axis labels, scale, titles and orientation.
  • Share Dashboard or Story via Slack
  • Format Numbers - Can display different currencies or %'s
  • New Scene Templates for Stories
  • Easily Change Story Type
  • Number of New and Updated Visualizations.
  • And many other updates....
Cognos Analytics 11.1

Reporting has seen a number of enhancements in Cognos Analytics 11.1.

  • Guided Report Layout - You can now place items on the reporting canvas with visual guidelines.
  • New Navigation Interface - you can now easily switch between pages and queries with the new navigation menu.
  • Many of the visualizations in Dashboards are now available in Reporting.
  • Custom Pallets in Visualizations
  • Enhanced Mapping Support - map clustering and heat maps
  • Copy and Paste - works the same as in Dashboards
Data Modules

The data module area has been in Cognos Analytics 11.1. is significantly changed, and new modeling capabilities are introduced.

  • Improved Source Selection - You can use search and filtering options to locate different source types in Team content, My content, and Recent folders.
  • Add additional tables manually or allow the system to suggest tables.
  • Multifunctional, robust expression editor - redesigned interface for creating and editing tables, filters, and calculations.
  • Create folders in data modules
  • Create new tables using SQL
  • Relative date support
  • Data level security
  • Splitting columns

A few collaboration items have been added to Cognos Analytics 11.1  They include share through Slack, linking to Cognos Analytics content and exporting via PDF for dashboards.

Contact Us Today

As you can see, Cognos Analytics 11.1 has added many new features to an already robust platform.  In this authors opinion, these changes make this the very bast business intelligence product available today.  If you want to see a demo of Cognos Analytics 11.1 please email us at

For more information check out this link from IBM -

Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA


The importance of enabling audit in Cognos BI / CA is profound.  As we all know, tracking users in Cognos BI / CA is not the easiest job in the world.  When it comes time for an IBM Audit, it can be a scary process when you don't have the immediate answers to who has accessed the system and when.  Make your life easier by setting up the audit database and enabling the system to track who has access and where.  Read below for steps to ensure you have this set up correctly.

Audit Database

The first step in the process is to set up the audit db.  This is done is SQL, DB, Oracle or whatever database you are using.  All of my examples will be done using SQL Server 2012.  Open your database program of choice and add a new database and name it CA_Audit or something that will identify it as the Cognos Analytics / BI audit database. 

Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA
Set Up in Cognos Configuration

Next, you need to add that database in to Cognos Configuration.  Open Cognos Configuration and locate the logging area and the right click on logging and choose add new resource.    Choose destination and then name it Audit and make sure it is a database type.   Once complete, right clock on  Audit and add new database.  Choose the type of database you created the CA_Audit database in and name it CA_Audit.  Last, complete the items listed by filling in the information needed.  Hit save and restart the Cognos services.

Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA

You have now completed the set up for the database and connection in Cognos Configuration.  The next steps are to create the data source in Cognos, install the audit sample files and enable auditing in Cognos.

Create Datasource in Cognos

Now you need to create the datasource connection in Cognos Administration.  Open and navigate to configuration and data source connections.  Add new data source, name it Audit and hit next.  Next, choose the type of datasource connection you are making. Again, for this example I'm using SQL 2012.  Make sure that the JDBC connection box is checked or highlighted and hit next.  Now it is time to create each connection.  See my examples below.  Your set up might be a bit different.  Once complete, hit test connection and you should see a success message as below.  If you do not check the settings of the native and JDBC connection and adjust as necessary.

Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA
Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA
Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA
Importing Audit Samples

First step is to ensure that the sample are located in the deployment folder in your install path.  If they are not, locate them in the Cognos Analytics / BI install area and move them to the deployment folder.  The are titled IBM_Cognos_AuditThe next step is to go to the Cognos Administration area, navigate to configuration and content management.  Click the import icon (4th icon top right) and select IBM_Cognos_Audit and hit next.  Keep the name the same and hit next.  Make sure that the sample_audit button is checked as seen below and hit next.

Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA

Hit next until you get to the screen below.  Make sure that finish and run is checked and click finish.  Once complete you have now installed the sample audit reports and they will be located int he team content area of BI / CA/

Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA
Enable Auditing

The last step is to enable auditing in Cognos.  By default, it is set to minimal. You can see the different levels in the below chart.  You need to set the level to at-least basic to collect user requests and set to request for reporting responses.    Once item of note - DO NOT USE TRACE OR FULL unless you need to do detailed logging or was asked by IBM  / Partner to track detailed logging.  This will seriously degrade your system and slow it down. 

Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA

To enable auditing, navigate to Cognos Administration and then go to configuration and dispatchers and services.  Find the dispatcher with port 9300 and click the properties icon to the far right.  Click settings and  change the category drop down to logging.  This will filter all of the logging areas.  This is where you will change from minimal to basic or request.  Change all of the items to basic or request.   The detail on what each of the items is for.

Once all the steps above are complete, restart all Cognos services.

Importance of Enabling Audit in Cognos BI / CA

By setting up and turning logging on you can gather a lot of information to be track who has access, how long reports take to run, who has access to what report, etc.  You can now see the importance of enabling audit in Cognos BI / CA

If you need any help with auditing please contact us at

What’s New in Cognos Analytics Release 12


On June 29, 2018 IBM made available for download Cognos Analytics release 12.  This release is an "addition" to release 11, which was released in May 2018. Release 12 address some of the most popular requests for enhancements via the IBM RFE site located here.  To add in your requests for enhancements go here  

Read what was made available in release 11 here.

New in Cognos Analytics Release 12

Cognos Analytics release 12 offers the following enhancements along with the normal bug fixes and stability improvements of each new release.

  • Reset Dashboard - Dashboards in CA are very interactive with filters and the ability to click on items to drill deeper to the analytics you are looking for.  Sometimes,  it can take longer to get back to where you last saved your dashboard if you travel the wrong path.  Now you are able to reset to the beginning and quickly get back to you analytics work.
  • Multi Lingual Support for Dashboards- Cognos Analytics reports have long supported multiple languages.  IBM has now brought that feature to dashboards.  Users can now change to their native language within the dashboard module quickly.  
  • Control Visibility of Reports - Users are no longer required to have read access to reports in order to run the report in interactive viewer.  This was a feature in Cognos BI 10 that has now been added to CA.
Cognos Analytics Release 12
Cognos Analytics Release 12
The future of Cognos Analytics

Recently I sat in on a partner webinar on Cognos Analytics.  There will be one additional release, release 13 later this summer.  Also, later this summer Cognos Analytics 11.1 will be released as major release.  Support for Cognos Analytics 11.0.13 will be made available from IBM for a period of 2 years (with an option to add a 3rd year at an additional cost)  Version 11.1 will be the current supported version moving forward with anticipated quarterly update releases as 11.0.  Plan ahead now! If you have not upgraded to CA, now is the time.  Read below to get access to our upgrade page and plan your upgrade with Lodestar Solutions.

Support for Cognos BI 10.2.2 expired in April of 2018.  If you are current on support this is a free upgrade plus any cost associated with a technical consultant completing the upgrade.  In many cases, this can be complete in less than 40 hours and for less dollars than you are thinking.  Click here to access our IBM Cognos Analytics page to schedule your stress free consultation.

Whats New in IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11


I have been asked many many times about portal pages in Cognos Analytics.  It was a small but important feature in Cognos BI 10 that was not available in Cognos Analytics. Well, the wait is OVER!  With IBM Cognos Analytics release 11, your old portal pages are now available!  All in all, this is a small release but includes some very popular requests from the user community.  To add in your requests for enhancements go here

IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11
IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11

New in IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11

  • Custom Shapes in Maps for Dashboards and Reports - you now have the ability to add in custom polygons through a map box integration.  Here is a link to a great blog from IBM that details the steps to create the custom shapes.  Custom polygon shapes blog
  • Portal Pages - you are now able to migrate your portal pages from Cognos 10.x  in IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11.  Great instructional blog from IBM.  Portal Tabs in Cognos Analytics
  • Increase Dashboard Performance - data caching is now available in the dashboard properties.  This option is only available for framework packages as of now.  It is expected to be available for data models in a future release.  Check out this great blog on what data caching for Cognos Analytics.  ​Dashboard Data Caching​​​
  • Limit Modification of Report Details - In short, the portal visibility defines a set of rules that determine what content is available to the end users.  Now with IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11 the visibility rules are global and a restart of services is no longer needed.  Good read on this process in this IBM blog.  Portal Visibility Filter
What Does this Mean?

I've talked to a lot of you about portal pages and how that was a game stopper to upgrading to Cognos Analytics.  Now that they are available, it is the right time to upgrade.  Support for Cognos BI 10.2.2 expired in April of 2018.  If you are current on support this is a free upgrade plus any cost associated with a technical consultant completing the upgrade.  In many cases, this can be complete in less than 40 hours and for less dollars than you are thinking.  Click here to access our IBM Cognos Analytics page to schedule your stress free consultation.

IBM Cognos Business Manager License is Retiring


Well the time is finally here!  Ever since IBM supersized client’s IBM Cognos licenses in 2014, Lodestar Solutions has warned clients that the fate of the IBM Cognos Business Manager license was questionable.  Well, the IBM Cognos Business Manager License is retiring. Yes, the IBM is ending support on this license and the Metric Studio Product. 

Before you get mad, this is awesome news! 

IBM is being very generous!  IBM is offering a license exchange to ensure your initial license investment with IBM is protected!  But I must caution you this is NOT a 1:1 match in terms of functionality. The Cognos Business Manager license included Metric Studio functionality. 

Do you remember Metric Studio?  Candidly, I don’t have many clients that really deployed Metric Studio heavily.   Metric studio provided traffic lighting on metrics.  It looked cool but was missing a calculation engine. This meant that all the calculations and conditional logic had to be done outside of Metric Studio.  Not ideal.  Then IBM had a stroke of genius and they moved a lot of the functionality of Metric Studio into TM1.  TM1’s powerful calculation engine was just what Metric Studio was missing.  Compared to the metric cube power in Cognos Planning Analytics (TM1), Metric Studio was lipstick on a pig.   So, it’s not surprising that IBM is no longer supporting the IBM Cognos Business Manager license or Metric Studio.

For more information on Cognos Planning Analytics (TM1) scorecarding here’s a previous blog.

What IBM is willing to do for you!

IBM is willing to exchange your IBM Cognos Business Manager license in for a Cognos Analytics User license.  Note this will not include either Metric Studio or TM1.  However,  the Cognos Analytics User license will provide some of the cool new stuff in Cognos Analytics (BI) v11. Can you say dashboards, and data modules? See the grid below to compare the functionality.

If you want to learn more about Cognos Analytics (BI) v11, check out our blog.

Cognos Business Manager License
When to Exchange your Business Manager license:

The exchange does not automatically happen! There is a little paperwork to do.  The best time to do this is just prior to your support renewal.  Lodestar Solutions can help you through the process but it will take some time.  Don’t wait until the day before your renewal!  I recommend at least 60 day prior to the renewal due date, you contact and we will get it started. 

Basic Steps to Exchange
  1. Check if you have Business Manager licenses, check your renewal.
  2. Contact stating would like a license exchange.
  3. Lodestar will work with IBM on the exchange and confirm the conversion calculation.
  4. IBM powers to be will have to approve the exchange, so please give us time.
  5. Once approved we will send you the license exchange form to be completed and processed
What’s it cost?


You will keep the same S&S anniversary date and renewal amount.  Thank you IBM!  All it will cost you is a little time to do the paperwork, and Lodestar can help you with that.

What if you don’t do the exchange?

Well I suspect if your licenses will expire, you will basically lose one of your users, because the expired licenses that are not supported will not be able to be upgraded.  If you never upgraded, I guess you could still use them, but you would be nuts not to upgrade to get the cool new features.

So, there you have it!  BM Cognos Business Manager license is retiring, and we should celebrate by exchanging them for the Cognos Analytics User license!  Contact for more information.

What’s New in IBM Cognos Analytics Release 9?


On December 22, 2017, IBM made available release 9 for IBM Cognos Analytics.  Below is a breakdown of what's new in IBM Cognos Analytics Release 9!  If you are looking for what was new in release 8 or 7 click here. ​ Release 8 Blog


  • Latitude and Longitude Support for maps
  • Label Axis Orientation 
    • Ability to use horizontal, vertical stagger and rotate 45 degree.  You can also use the automatic setting to allow IBM Cognos Analytics to fit best.
  • Full Screen Mode
    • User can now expand the dashboard to fill the screen  for easier viewing.  To exit, simply hit esc.
  • Narrow Side Navigation Bar
    • In consumption mode, the default is the skinny bar thus providing better spacing on the screen,
IBM Cognos Analytics Release 9
IBM Cognos Analytics Release 9

IBM has updated the spreadsheet file which contains the boundaries types and complete list of polygon with names and aliases.  It can be found here. ​Map Support File​​​

Planning Analytics Integration:

  • Subsets in Planning Analytics now available in Cognos Analytics
    • Available in both dashboards and reporting
    • Must be Planning Analytics.  TM1 built cubes are not supported for subsets.
    • Subsets work like any other subset of data.
    • Filters of subsets in dashboard mode
    • Known issue in release 9 regarding drill down on subsets.  Slated for fix in release 10.

There is also a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements with release 9.   IBM has committed to proving a number of releases each year with some being major and some minor.  I would anticipate a major release sometime in the first part of 2018 adding in a number of items from the community wish list.  You can add items or vote on existing items by going here.  ​RFE Community​​​

Looking for some great events in 2018?  Check out our event page! ​Lodestar Events and Webinars​​​

IBM Cognos Analytics Release 8 is Available Now!


IBM Cognos Analytics release 8 was made available to download on Friday, Nov 3, 2017.   This release adds a number of small but significant enhancements and addresses some of the Requests for Enhancements (RFE) from IBM customers.  You can provide RFE's for IBM to consider by clicking this link for IBM DeveloperWorks.  Below you will find a list of enhancements in release 8.  Need a refresher about the R7 release?   You can read that here - Cognos Analytics R7 Blog.

Reporting Administration Enhancements

  • Allows you to set the options of the report default to view, run or edit.
Cognos Analytics Release 8
Cognos Analytics Release 8

Data Module Enhancements

  • This may not mean a lot with smaller models, but will become important with larger models.
Cognos Analytics Release 8

Data Set Enhancements

  • Allows creation of data sets without querying the data source until you are ready.  The result is a more efficient build.

Read moreIBM Cognos Analytics Release 8 is Available Now!

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Cognos 10 vs Cognos Analytics C11

Cognos 10 vs Cognos Analytics C11

Why Compare?

If you are like me, you want to see a comparison of products to understand what you are getting vs. what you are missing.  To me, it is a very easy way to understand the impact.  For those of you on Cognos 10, you are probably wondering what is in Cognos Analytics and why you should upgrade.  I have put together an easy to understand Cognos 10 vs Cognos Analytics C11 comparison.

Cognos 10 vs Cognos Analytics C11 - What is available?

Cogno 10                  

Cognos Analytics C11

Report Studio

Workspace Advanced


New Reporting Module

Query Studio

Available, hidden by default.

Analysis Studio

Available, hidden by default.


New Dashboard Module

Event Studio

Hidden by default - no enhancements planned

Metric Studio

Only available in Cognos Analytics C11 R6 and prior

​Cognos for MS Office

Available in Cognos Analytics C11

Cognos Connection

Available as new portal

Administration Area

Same area plus new administration items.

Framework Manager

Cognos Analytics C11 version available

Transformer / Powerplay

Available now in Cognos Analytics R7

​Dynamic Cubes


As you can see, most of what was in Cognos 10 is available in Cognos Analytics.  What Cognos Analytics has done is simplify the entire user experience.  No longer do you need to know what studio to use nor do you need to create a bunch of widgets to create dashboards.  You have a very powerful tool in a much better package that will lead to efficiencies and user adoption.

To learn more about the latest release, check out this blog​Cognos Analytics 11.0.7​​​

Expert Training for Cognos Analytics

Expert Training for Cognos Analytics

Next Steps

Now that you have upgraded to Cognos Analytics, what's next?  How about expert training for Cognos Analytics?

Lodestar Solutions offers a number of different training options from self-paced to instructor led classroom and everything in between.  Below is an explanation of each type of training, ballpark costs and availability.

Self-Paced Training

Self-paced training is a good choice for entry level training or for those on a small budget.  The typical cost is around $350 per day of training per person.  This training includes an IBM image, workbook and is good for 30 days - once you start the course.  For a few dollars more, we can set this training up with 30 to 60 min of Q&A with a senior level consultant.

Instructor Led Training

Next on the training options list is instructor led training.  This training can be done virtually through web meetings or can be delivered onsite at your location or a local training facility.  Typical cost is approximately $700 per day per person.  A Lodestar Solutions Certified Instructor will guide you through the class material with slides, discussion and hands on work.  Each student has an IBM image and follows along with hands on the keyboard.  Again, like self-paced training and for a few dollars more, we can set this training up with 30 to 60 min of Q&A with a senior level consultant.

Online Education Programs

We are really excited about our newest training option, our Lodestar Solutions online education programs.  These programs are 100% created and owned by Lodestar Solutions or Heatherized, Inc (sister company).  Once you sign up for one of our programs, you will get access to a library of documents and a series of videos that take you step by step through the process.  Currently we offer a  comprehensive dashboard course that touches on the user interface, data and storytelling.  We also offer a software agnostic Destination Dashboard program that teaches you soft skills and techniques to produce killer dashboards that people actually​ use.    Check out this video to learn more and see pricing for the online programs.

One on One Training

Lodestar Solutions senior consultants can provide one on one training using your system and data.  Typically, we will meet with you ahead of time to plan out the training,  ensuring that we meet all of your needs.  Then we can come onsite and work in full day increments or plan virtual sessions from 2 to 4 hours at a time.   We find that when training virtually, smaller chunks of time provide a better environment in which to learn.  Please contact to discuss your one on one training needs in greater detail.

Small Project Services / Training

Is your task list overflowing with old work?  However, you are still given more and more assignments, reports and dashboards to add to your never ending list?  Do you have little budget but need to get things done? Lodestar Solutions offers small project services that includes help in all of these areas, including training.  Check out our small service webpage at

Upcoming Events

Bookmark this link for quick access to Lodestar Solutions upcoming events page. We have a lot of great things happening here!  Check them out, register and take your analytics game to the next level.       Upcoming Events

As you can see by all of the above options, we have your training needs covered.  When you think of expert training for Cognos Analytics, think Lodestar Solutions.  Contact for more information!


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