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Upgrade IBM Cognos Analytics or Planning Analytics?

Upgrade IBM Cognos Analytics or Planning Analytics?Should I Upgrade IBM Cognos Analytics or Planning Analytics?Upgrade IBM Cognos now!  Do you know why you should upgrade today?  Did you know that Cognos BI has been rebranded as Cognos Analytics and that TM1 has been rebranded as Planning Analytics?  There are many reasons you should consider upgrading […]

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Should Millennials Suck It Up in the Workplace?

Should Millennials Suck it Up in the Workplace?Are you struggling to understand the Millennials in the workplace?  Do you think the Millennials need to suck it up and adapt to our culture?  Heck we have been successful with our business model for years.  Who do they think they are to try to change it? I used […]

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Do You Have A Cognos Analytics Upgrade Evaluation Plan?

What’s Your Cognos Analytics Upgrade Evaluation Plan?It’s been almost 2 years since the initial release of Cognos Analytics, aka C11. It is common for companies to wait 12 to 18 months after the initial release of any technology before adopting new versions. So, now is the time to evaluate!  So I ask the question, ” […]

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Have You Secured Funding Yet? It’s Budgeting Season, Secure Funding Now For IBM Cognos

Have You Secured Funding Yet?  It’s Budget Season.  Secure Funding Now for IBM Cognos!​Do you need process improvement and require funds for Cognos consulting or need additional IBM Cognos licenses? Now is the time to reach out and get your funding in the budget! Far too often we see companies that have a need for […]

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Cognos – Rip & Replace vs Review & Renew

Cognos – Rip & Replace vs Review & Renew​We at Lodestar have been alerting IBM Cognos Business Intelligence users that standard support for version 10.2.X will be ending in April 2018 (EOS Cognos BI). Though not yet officially announced, IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.x won’t be much further behind (EOS Cognos TM1). In case this is the first […]

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Stop Requirements Gathering and Start Discovering Requirements!

Stop Gathering Requirements and Start Discovering RequirementsDiscovering RequirementsSTOP REQUIREMENTS GATHERING! We were wrong! For years Lodestar Solutions has emphasized to our IBM Cognos clients the need for proper requirements gathering, and we were WRONG!As a Business Analyst or BI Manager specializing in Cognos Analytics or Cognos 10 BI you need to stop gathering requirements and start […]

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