Being an Awesome Cognos BI Developer Isn’t Enough

It helps...but it won't make you enough.

The new Cognos Analytics Dashboarding capabilities are crazy awesome, but they still don’t solve the overarching problems that have plagued our profession for decades.

We all know that the struggle with business intelligence is getting people to use it.

You can develop a million reports and dashboards, but if the organization doesn’t act from the data or if the information has a trivial impact on the bottom line, then what’s the point?

Are your budgets being over scrutinized, or worse, just cut with no clear reason. More and more, CEOs and CFOs are starting to re-evaluate their investment into analytics. If they were receiving the expected value, they wouldn’t be slashing the analytics budget.

You must be pretty frustrated too.

Same story, different day. You get request from the user, take down the requirements, but you know deep down that it’s not going to work. Same old, same old. They are not going to use it, but it’s your job, so you build it.

Change is never easy, but stagnate water will always start to smell. Is your job starting to reek? Before you call it quits, ask yourself this question:

Are you brave enough to admit that you are half of the problem…which means you could be half of the solution?

Here’s a test: (Be 100% honest)

  • Do you think presentation and design of dashboards are not as important as knowing how to develop in Cognos?
  • Do you think dashboard layout is easy?
  • Are you confident you know what your end users want?
  • Do you think you’re a master at requirements gathering and that’s not the problem?

If you answered no, you probably know the reason why.

If you answered yes to any of these, I can tell you why no one is using your Cognos dashboards.

The majority of your end users are not technical or data savvy. They are begging you to be a leader and show them a better way. The organization is drowning in data but starving for wisdom. You could save them and be the hero. You could be the leadership team’s go-to guy or gal who always delivers pivotal information necessary to make the organization successful.

It starts with a change of mindset and a better way.

Imagine open communication lines with no more condescending tones or looks. You and the users are on the same team instead of separate entities. All this because you have given them a better way.

Learn From a Cognos Client Dashboard Audit

Watch our video to see how we dissect a client's dashboard and show them a better way!

Seeing This Audit Will Teach You How To Avoid Best Practice Myths That Are Killing Your Efforts

In one hour, Melissa Bryan and Mike Bernaiche, seasoned Cognos Consultants and Certified Analytics Coaches, will take you through a real client’s struggle, the dashboard they developed, and the results before using Lodestar’s simple process.

What You'll Learn About Cognos Analytics (Cognos BI 11)

How to Deal With Bad Data

  • ​Create data modules with calculations
  • See real world examples of separating string data
  • Merge 2 external data sources in 1 module

Upload ALL of The Right Data

  • Discover the power of Cognos Analytics (C11 BI) upload function
  • See where the data ends up
  • Learn how to update data 

Create Reports with  Combined Data

  • Use uploaded data to create reports
  • Create dashboards faster than ever
  • Apply what you learned today to your job

Learn what common mistakes people thinking are best practices. Did you know that you should NEVER use pie charts?

Mike & Melissa will walk you through the dashboard and the executive's response when Lodestar's simple framework was followed.

Increase Cognos End User Adoption

Learn why you are struggling with end user adoption

Work Smarter

Common but FATAL mistakes in client dashboards

Improve Your Habits

The bad habits of great Cognos Developers

Get More Recognition

Be the expert and trusted advisor in your organization

Are you ready for a better way?

Cognos Client Dashboard Audit:
Avoid Common Best Practice Myths

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