Cognos Ala Carte Services for Small Cognos Projects


Are you struggling to get a Cognos report to run correctly? Maybe you have a TM1 or Cognos Planning model you have been staring at for hours and can’t seem to figure out why the calculation is wrong? Do you wish you had an expert you could go to for help? Have no fear, Lodestar’s new Cognos a la Carte Services for Small Cognos Projects is here.

For the last 13+ years Lodestar Solutions has been providing expert consultants and trainers to customers of IBM Cognos BI serving clients on everything from Cognos Series 7, Impromtu, Cognos PowerPlay Cognos 8, Cognos 10, and Cognos Analytics (C11). We have served Cognos Planning going back to Adaytum 2.4 to Cognos Planning 8, and Cognos 10. Cognos TM1, Cognos Performance Management, and Cognos Planning Analytics, yes the same TM1 product with many different names. We have even offered Cognos Finance, Controller, and all the other products under the Cognos Analytics Brand.

Curious if your IBM Cognos software version is even supported anymore?  Check out these links.

· Cognos BI Supported Environments C10 -C11

· Supported Cognos Planning (fka Adaytum)

· Supported Cognos TM1

· Supported Cognos BI Series 7 (Impromtu, PowerPlay)Life has been extended to 2021!

Historically, Lodestar Solutions has worked on implementations and training for the bigger projects that take weeks or months to complete. That’s all changing and we are offering our new Cognos a la Carte Services for Small Cognos Projects. It occurred to us that maybe you don’t need weeks of help, but rather a couple hours. Maybe you have a list of Cognos BI items that you want to better understand and it’s on your list of things to research, but you never seem to find the time. How much more productive could you be if an expert answered your questions and pointed you in the right direction? Would you like to know how to use Event Studio to identify when processes fail? Click here!

Maybe your users give presentations and you want to learn how to integrate Cognos with Microsoft Office PowerPoint?

All of this knowledge is a phone call away.

Cognos Ala Carte Services

Cognos a la Carte Services for Small Cognos Projects is a new program where you can engage our experts and pick their brain. You can create a list of questions and schedule a time to go over your options to solve your IBM Cognos problems. You can start with as little as an hour of IBM Cognos expertise. Our Cognos a la Carte Services are offered virtually and we will leverage Go To Meeting.

Sometimes all you need is a little help. Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you just had a little more time! What if you could supplement your time with that of a highly qualified Cognos TM1 or BI consultant just when you needed it? Could you use an extra set of hands to jump-start some of those special projects that keep getting pushed to the back burner? What new reports and analytics could you offer your end users?

Here’s a few ideas how to leverage our Cognos a la Carte Services for Small Cognos Projects.
Cognos TM1 – Pick our brains

TM1 Troubleshooting

Learn What's New in TM1

TM1 Tips & Tricks of the Pros

Check the Health of your TM1 Environment

Fix the Broken Rules or TI Processes

Cognos BI – Pick our brains

Slow Reporting or Queries

High Level Health Check

Framework Manager Tips and Tricks

Dashboard Techniques to Put Your Dashboards in Action

Security Troubleshooting

PowerPlay Best Practices

Dealing with Multi-Dimensional Data

Strategic Business Analytics Coaching – Strategize with our brains

How to Get Funding

How to Increase End User Adoption

Return of Investment Analysis of Upcoming Cognos Projects/Upgrades

Software Demo Coaching

Creating Online End User Training

Technical & Installation Services

TM1 Installation & Overview of Ops Console

TM1 Upgrade from Prior Version (requires free 30 minute scoping call)

BI Upgrade from Prior Version (requires free 30 minute scoping call)

Your organization invested a lot of money in IBM Cognos. With a little investment in a IBM Cognos Expert, you can significantly increase the organization's ROI and increase your skills even if you just need a little help. What are you waiting for? For more information click here.

Or email us​.

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