Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation

With BI 10.2.2’s release, IBM announced Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation

Now that Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation has been announced, what should you do?  In software, deprecated typically means the software features remains in the software but it is recommended you discontinue use because the feature will be removed in the future. Features are deprecated rather than immediately removed to allow users some time to adjust. 

Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation
Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation

So what IBM is telling you is that it’s time to migrate your users from being reliant on Cognos Query Studio or Analysis Studio to using Cognos Workspace Advanced.  A great way to accomplish this is to teach them how to use Cognos Insight which is the desktop personal analytics solution that comes with many of the IBM Cognos licenses. Cognos Insight is a lightweight version of TM1 and BI all rolled up into one.

If you need help creating the plan to educate your users on Cognos Workspace… Lodestar Solutions is here to help.

• Lodestar can create a customized training programs that can be recorded to train the masses.
• Lodestar offers a free Cognos Insight workshop which you can host for your users.

Lodestar also offers training on Workspace and Workspace Advanced to minimize the risk of Query and Analysis Studio going away in future releases.​​

Call Lodestar Solutions To Create Your Plan.

There are other features that IBM deprecated. Support for the following features and products will not be continued after the 10.2.2 release:
• Cognos Query Studio
• Cognos Analysis Studio
• OLAP data sources with Compatible Query Mode (CQM), with the exception of Power® Cubes
• All 32-bit platforms
• Support for Cognos Mobile native client on Blackberry Server


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