Cognos Analytics Training is Here!

Cognos Analytics Training is Here
Written by Mike Bernaiche, October 20th, 2023

Are you ready to revolutionize your Cognos Analytics expertise? We are thrilled to invite you and your team members to our exclusive 3-day Cognos Analytics training event.  This Cognos Analytics training is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge essential for mastering Cognos Analytics.

Here are the details:

Dates: Coming in January! 
Classes: Cognos Analytics Reporting Fundamentals and Cognos Analytics Dashboarding Essentials
Location: Your venue / online
Instructor: Professional consultant and trainer with 20-plus years of experience.
Investment: $2,781 for the full 3-day training, environment, and training materials included.

Why Attend

Our Cognos Analytics training program is meticulously crafted for professionals like you, whether you are navigating the advanced features of Cognos 12 or working with earlier versions like Cognos 11.2.x or 11.1.7. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this opportunity:

  1. Limited Seating - First Come, First Served: We have limited seats available, and they are filling up quickly! Secure your spot today to guarantee your place at this exclusive event. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from industry experts in an intimate setting.
  2. Expert Guidance - Learn from a seasoned 20-year professional consultant, not just a trainer. Gain insights from real-world scenarios and industry best practices, ensuring you’re equipped with practical skills.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum - Dive deep into Cognos Analytics Reporting fundamentals during the first two days. Explore topics such as Report Creation, Filters, Parameters, Calculations, and Formatting. On the third day, master Cognos Analytics Dashboard 12 Essentials, covering Pins, Explorations, and Data Storytelling. This will help you plan your upgrade if you are not on 12 yet.
  4. Hands-On Experience - Immerse yourself in a real-world Cognos Analytics environment. Our interactive sessions provide hands-on experience, allowing you to apply your knowledge immediately.
  5. All-Inclusive Training - No need to worry about materials. We provide everything you need to succeed, including comprehensive training materials to support your learning journey.

What Will You Learn?

Cognos Analytics Training – Reporting Fundamentals, 2 days.

Tables, Crosstabs and Charts

List Reports, Crosstabs, Advanced Crosstabs, Legacy Charts, Visualizations, Create a Report with Multiple Displays


Filters – Defined, Model Filters, Custom Filters, Detail Filters, Summary Filters, Filter Options

Parameters and Prompts

Parameters – Defined, Global Parameters, My Parameters, Prompts – Defined, Why Use Prompts, Create Prompt Pages, The Prompt Button, Multiple Prompts, Cascading Prompts


Calculations – Defined, Subtotals, Insert Calculation Button, Query Calculations, Layout Calculations, Using Functions

Formatting and Conditional Formatting

Templates, Fonts and Styles, Styles, Alignment and Justification, Text Items, Headers and Footers, Blocks, Tables, Conditional Formatting Defined, Conditional Styles, Advanced Conditional Formatting, Define the Condition

Complex Reports

Dashboard Reports, Drill-Through Definitions, Create Drill-Through Definitions, Create Reports from a Dimensional Source, Member Tree View vs. Metadata Tree View, Add Levels, Members, and Sets

Saving and Scheduling

Schedule reports for distribution.

Cognos Analytics Training - Dashboard Essentials - 1 day

Now that you have learned the fundamentals of Reporting, join us for the last day to start mastering Dashboards in Cognos Analytics. Rookie or veteran, this class will teach you the essentials of building a dashboard in Cognos Analytics 12.


Cognos interface, Dashboard interface, Edit mode vs Preview mode

Basic Dashboard

Starting a new dashboard, Layouts, Data sources, Visualizations, and different methods of creating a visual, Saving a dashboard

Complex Dashboarding

Customize and filter dashboard objects, Filtering capabilities, Verify and modify filters, Modify dashboard object properties, Add an active visualization, Add insights, Customize dashboard for presentation, Share the dashboard


Pins and Explorations

Secure Your Spot Now!

Ready to elevate your Cognos Analytics game? Don’t miss this chance to boost your career opportunities and enhance your organization’s capabilities. Secure your spot today by emailing now.

For any inquiries to determine if this is a good fit for you, contact Lodestar at Act swiftly as seats are limited, and this transformative learning experience awaits you.

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