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Cognos Analytics versus Planning Analytics, what's the difference?  IBM has rebranded TM1 as Planning Analytics and rebranded Cognos Business Intelligence as Cognos Analytics.  With the rebranding came additional dashboarding and data visualization capabilities with Planning Analytics Workspace that leverages the TM1 calculation engine.  This has people asking, "Well, if I can create dashboards and reports  in Planning Analytics, why would I need Cognos Analytics?"  Great question.  In case you have not seen Planning Analytics Workspace, watch this video: 10 Minute overview of Planning Analytics

​Planning Analytics is only TM1 data

​First, the dashboarding and data visualization available in Planning Analytics Workspace has to come from data that resides in a TM1 cube.  You can load data from multiple sources into TM1, but it's not really efficient to duplicate your data warehouse in TM1.  Even though TM1 can store and calculate huge amounts of data, there is a dollar cost to that.  If you are in an Enterprise model, you may need to increase the Processor Value Units (PVU) for your Analytic Server, which would mean purchasing additional PVU licenses.  If you are in an Express model, you may exceed your 1600 PVU limit.  With Cognos Analytics (BI), you can tap directly into any data source (ie Salesforce, data warehouse, framework packages, etc).  Cognos Analytics is a true Enterprise reporting solution.

​Cognos Analytics licenses are cheaper  - expand to more users

Secondly, what is the price point of a Planning Analytics license versus a Cognos Analytics license​?  Think of Planning Analytics as the fully staffed, gourmet restaurant kitchen and Cognos Analytics as the waiter that servers you your meal.  A fully staffed kitchen is going to cost more than a waiter.

​Get the Right Fit for Your Needs

Therefore, you want to purchase licenses that fit the needs of each user and be at the correct price point for your needs​ in totality.  Planning Analytics (TM1) licenses are for users that need to contribute/write data into your TM1 data base and for power users such as financial analysts that need to work with data at a granular level.  Cognos Analytics (BI) licenses serve the need to provide standard and/or customized reports to users.  Also, CA licenses have different levels that range from non-prompted reporting to custom designing of reports.  Last, CA licenses can also leverage sub-capacity PVU servers that allow you to distribute standard reports to a wide population of users at a lower cost.

​For more information on licensing or to schedule a free evaluation of your existing licensing, please contact Zach Spoor at or (630)-724-7390.

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