Cognos Express is Now Same Software as Enterprise


My responsibility as a Business Analytics Coach at Lodestar Solutions is to keep IBM Cognos clients informed on the huge changes IBM is making with Cognos Express 10.2.2. This affects all Cognos Express clients using Cognos Express BI or Cognos Express Performance Management (TM1).

1. Cognos Express 10.2.2 will be the exact same software as IBM Cognos Enterprise version of 10.2.2. In the past Cognos Express has typically been a version behind and slightly different code. Not anymore! Cognos Express clients will be downloading the enterprise version 10.2.2 of the software but their licensing will have some restriction. You will have immediate access to the latest product enhancements, product corrections, fix packs, and future versions of Cognos TM1 & Cognos Business Intelligence as soon as they are released.

2. You can install your Cognos Express TM1 and Cognos Express BI licenses on separate computers. The number of Express user restrictions remains the same: a maximum of 100 users, including no more than 50 Performance Management users. Note that I believe there is a PVU restriction on the servers under the Express licensing. Please call Lodestar Solutions for the latest information on PVUs and other licensing questions.

3. Multiple TM1 Servers. You will be able to set up multiple TM1 servers so you can separate your HR, Finance and Marketing models. (Look for a future blog on the impact of this, it’s huge!)

4. Express Performance Management (TM1) users got supersized. Express TM1 users now have rights to Cognos Analysis for Excel (Café) with their licenses via 10.2.2. See our user group video on Cognos Microsoft Office integration:

Cognos Express version 10.2.2

5. Cognos 10.2.2 is compatible with Office 2013. These links will take you to IBM’s site for the latest information on supported environments: TM1 Supported Environments, Cognos BI Supported Environments

6. Some Cognos Express features are going away! Pre-set configuration, pre-defined namespaces and user/groups, Express Manager, integrated backup and restore, and remote client installation are replaced by the standard Cognos TM1 and Cognos Business Intelligence administrator functionality. It offers more flexibility and robust capabilities with options that were not previously available such as setting up SSL.

7. If you outgrow Express user limits, you only need to trade up and purchase any additionally required user licenses. You will already have installed the required software.

All this information is just coming out of IBM so it’s subject to change! We will write additional blogs on how you can leverage this huge move from IBM. To set up a call with one of our Business Analytics Coaches on how this impacts you personally, please contact Lodestar at or 813-254-2040.

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