Expand Cognos TM1 and BI with Cognos Insight

Scalability and time are two issues that never seem to be solved. Couple that with expanding end-user adoption and the headaches begin to mount for any Cognos Admin or Power User.  This is where Cognos Insight comes into play as your pain reliever. Cognos Insight is a desktop application that functions as the ideal middle ground between TM1 and BI, while also serving as a training environment for potential Cognos users.

Think big picture like an executive. How can you create additional business value and cost justification for your firm’s existing Cognos environment? How can you solve Marketing’s, HR’s, and incentive compensation pain points with Cognos? Now do you have the time available to do this? Send them the link to download the personal version of Cognos Insight for free at IBM’s Analytics Zone and empower them.

Are you looking to add some structure to their empowerment? We’re running a special here at Lodestar Solutions where we’ve taken our Cognos Insight Workshop and converted it into a virtual format. This is a two-hour workshop where we provide sample data that begins with ad hoc analysis, data modeling, and then we dive in-depth with cube links and calculations. For existing Cognos clients, we’re going to direct you on how to download the latest standard version of Cognos Insight, and at the end of the workshop, we’ll connect directly into your TM1 or BI data to have some real fun!

What does the workshop cost? We only ask to quote on your upcoming support renewal, where we’ll review your current entitlements and coach you on how to leverage all the additional functionality IBM added on July 22nd.

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