What’s New in Cognos Mobile for iPad

The redesigned application for Cognos Mobile for iPad is now available in Apple's App Store. This release is easier to use, performs better, and allows for personalization and more interactive gestures.  IBM has updated this application twice in the month of March.  Here is a list of the new functionality in Cognos Mobile for iPad.

Latest Release:  Version

The first thing that you will notice is that the app now looks completely different than in previous versions.

IBM has made an adjustment to the layout of the welcome screen that is more user friendly.  In addition to the new layout, the app also now offers new functionality:

  • You can now connect to multiple BI Servers, pause and restart your downloads, and arrange your reports in a way that will personally fit your needs.
  • IBM has also increased the number and diversity of samples that are included with the app to 16.  Everything from Pro Football Statistics to Global CEO Studies are now included in the download.
  • IBM has updated the process of configuring your application so that now administrators can provide users with a URL that will automatically configure their app.
  • Administrators have the option to allow for Pass-through authentication, provide custom report samples, and allow for automatic downloading of new reports.
  • Additional improvements were made to enhance performance and stability

Compatibility built-in with IBM Cognos Mobile server versions to

All of these new features are designed to help Administrators provide their users with a mobile experience that is more customized and increase end user adoption.

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