Cognos PowerPlay in IBM Cognos 10

Cognos PowerPlay in Cognos 10

Cognos PowerPlay has a loyal user following. In many ways, it is the predecessor to Analysis Studio within the IBM Cognos suite. If you have ever used both tools, you will know that there are many things within PowerPlay  that don’t exist in Analysis Studio. One of the biggest drawbacks within Analysis Studio is the five level nesting restrictions. Most people would agree that going past five levels when looking at data within a pivot environment is overkill, but in some instances, it is necessary. Most importantly, PowerPlay does not have that restriction and therein lies why many feel that IBM will have to pry “PowerPlay from its users cool dead hands” … this is an actual quote from a customer.

Cognos PowerPlay

So when IBM Cognos 10 hit the market, everyone was so excited. This is a major release and the product is awesome. The addition of Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced was a smart move by IBM. These two features really resolved the major issue that most folks had with IBM’s “Studio” approach to Business Intelligence. Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced lets a user see their work as they create reports and these new tools make it super easy to create your own slamming dashboards. Remember, in IBM Cognos 8 you needed Go Dashboard to do the nice looking dashboard, well no more … enter IBM Cognos 10.

PowerPlay users were also excited about the new release because IBM brought PowerPlay Studio along in the new release … kinda. Although not an official statement from IBM Cognos, as they have not really done anything with PowerPlay in a long time, they continue to make a migration path for the application in its releases because of PowerPlay’s fan base…look how powerful you guys are! Anyway, in IBM Cognos 10 you can use PowerPlay with the new Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced.

I know you are confused but interested, so let me break it down. Okay, if you go out on the web and Google “PowerPlay Cognos 10” you are likely to find this article.

I will give you the shorthand version, it states that:

“IBM Cognos PowerPlay® report parts are not supported in Business Insight. If a dashboard that contains PowerPlay report parts was created in Go!Dashboard and is opened in Business Insight, the report parts are converted to PowerPlay reports.”

Does this mean that PowerPlay Studio is not supported in IBM Cognos 10? Kind of confusing right?? Yes, you can use the features of Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced with PowerPlay.

Here is what you need to understand first:

• PowerPlay cubes are data sources and this data source can be used to create a Package. A package can be used in any Studio including Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced.

Now I am sure you are saying, “Everybody knows this, so why are you repeating it?” Sometimes the hardest questions have the easiest answers. If you want to use PowerPlay in IBM Cognos 10, make sure that it is a published package. What I am saying easy, right? You might not have done this before so let me tell you where to look in Transformer.

• Open up Transformer and load up your PowerPlay Cube, right click on it and click publish as package and data source. You might get an error “Can’t find PowerPlay Client”… yep, you need to have PowerPlay Client installed in order to make this work. You don’t have to do anything with it, but it seems that Transformer needs it to make the data source and package.

So, now you have the published package and data source, you have what you need to use Business Insight and Business Insight Advance. Easy as 123!

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