Cognos Reports and Microsoft Office

One of the great and underutilized features of the Cognos product suite is Cognos for Microsoft Office (or Cognos Office Connection for Cognos 10).  This program allows the user to seamlessly integrate Cognos Reports and Microsoft Office.

Cognos Office Connection for Cognos 10

For the Excel user – provides a familiar interface with the ability to import data and refresh at any time.  Add your own calculations or use existing macros.  You can be sure that you are pulling accurate data because it is coming from the same place as other Cognos reports.

For the PowerPoint or Word user – seamlessly integrate data into existing presentations and update with the click of a button.  What a great and quick way to update any presentation that contains data!

In summary, below are key advantages of utilizing Cognos Office Connection for Cognos 10:
–          Central report authoring in a familiar environment utilizing a trusted single BI source
–          Increased accuracy and speed in preparing presentations
–          Utilize the power of Cognos within the power of the Microsoft Office Suite
–          Better user adaptation

If you are not using Cognos for Microsoft Office today, you should be!  Most likely, you own it and it just needs to be configured to work in your environment and you can begin utilizing the power of this product.

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