Cognos TM1 Turbointegrator Processes Quirks

As our Cognos Coaches come across little (and big) “gotcha’s”, we like to share them with you.  Below are a few Cognos TM1 Turbointegrator Processes Quirks and their resolution.

  1. A Parameter can be used as a user-created Variable in the Variables tab of a TI Process.  Do note that since the Variables tab has not “read” the Parameter tab yet, it will show something like this in the Sample Value column, yet it will still work.

Line 1: Variable “pyear” is undefined. vYears = pYear;

2. When declaring Variables in the Prolog tab, I have come across some wackiness of TM1 not liking some naming conventions.

Likes:     aDimName = ‘Location’;

Dislikes: Name that starts with a number

1DimName = ‘Location’;

Likes:     aElementName = ‘FirstMiddle_Last’;

Dislikes: Multiple underscores (on occasion)

aElementName = ‘First_Middle_Last’;

3.  You might also find that a user-created Variable does not derive properly, due to the order of other Variables.  So, if your formula to derive your Variable really looks like it should be working but it’s not, this may be causing the problem.

4. When writing the SQL coding to pass back Parameters in a drill-process to an Oracle ODBC, note that, most times, you will have to put in the additional SQL code to change TM1 elements passed back to the Oracle database to all uppercase and/or String to Numeric.  This will depend on the Oracle field you are trying to get to

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