Convenient Cognos Training At Night Opportunity

Convenient Cognos Training At Night Opportunity

As we were planning our training calendar for the year, someone made a joke about night school for Cognos training.  We all laughed then stopped and thought, hmm… maybe this is a good idea.  I know a lot of you probably struggle to get training approved and what most of your bosses do not understand is how important it is to help insure success.  A doctor goes to school for many years and could you image them performing their first surgery without all of the hands on training they receive?  While Cognos TM1 modeling or BI report building isn’t necessarily brain surgery, it is vital to provide analytics to your executive team so they can make correct decisions about current or future areas in the company.  Since it is vital, necessary Cognos training is a critical part of your success. 

I will let you in on a little secret. Are you ready?  We are offering all classes and workshops in either a virtual or on-site atmosphere and all will be led by a Lodestar certified instructor. Please reach out to us at 813-254-2040 or at

Now on to this Cognos training night class idea.  We issued a survey last week (if you haven’t taken it please click here to take , where you could win 1 of 10 Starbucks gift cards just for taking 5 minutes of your time) and a lot of people have an interest in taking a Cognos training class on “your” time, which was in the evening, while your employer pays for it.  Win – Win if you ask me!  Based on the feedback so far from the survey, we will be offering a couple of night classes so keep checking your email and our website for information!  Speaking of our website, if you have not already done so, please take 1 min and register in our new opt in area.  Canadian spam laws will go in to affect soon and the only way you can get the great information like Cognos training and much, much more is to opt in.  It is really simple!  Click here and find the sign up area on the right side of the home page (see image below) and enter your name and email address and click sign up.  You will receive an email asking you to confirm…. Simply click the link and you are in!



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