Cognos Virtual Environment Needs ILMT Tool

​Cognos Virtual Environment Needs ILMT Tool to be Compliant

A lot of IBM customers use a Cognos virtual environment to host their solution. What may not be known is that, according to the IBM sub-capacity license agreements, you MUST download and install a tool called IBM License Metric Tool or ILMT. If you do not, you are exposing yourself you non-compliance and you may fail an IBM audit resulting in significant fees. The ILMT tool helps calculate the number of PVUs available to installed Passport Advantage PVU-based software, including supported virtualized servers. Additionally, the ILMT:

  • Help maintain compliance with Passport Advantage license terms
  • Help comply with Passport Advantage sub-capacity offerings license terms
  • Helps support distributed server virtualization
  • Helps lower liability risks
  • Helps track IBM PVU based software inventory

cognos virtual environment

Ensure you have a ILMT installed in your cognos virtual environment

Please take a few minutes and insure that you have this tool installed if you are using a Cognos virtual environment. It can help save you major dollars when being audited by IBM and will help ensure you are in compliance.

You can read more about the ILMT tool here: You can download the ILMT for free following the links on this page or you can go to your Passport Advantage site and search on IBM License Metric Tool. Installation is easy and you will find more info in the quick start guide in the zip file you download.

You can find more information in the sub-capacity license terms for a Cognos virtual environment here:

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3 thoughts on “Cognos Virtual Environment Needs ILMT Tool”

  1. If you are using TM1, Express or have BI PVU licenses you MUST have this. If you don’t know if your IT has loaded it, it should appear on your support renewal bill at $0 cost.

    Passport Advantage and IBM Passport Advantage Express customers can order this tool at no charge by selecting the IBM License Metric Tool, part number D561HLL.

  2. UPDATE: With 10.2 Express IBM does not require the ILMT Tool.
    PVU limitation for Express:
    With Cognos Express 10.2.2 IBM introduced a maximum limitation of 1600 PVUs for the ICAS (TM1) Server.

    The maximum PVU limitation forms part of the license agreement. There is no need to install the ILMT tool


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