Creating A New TM1 Server

​Creating A New TM1 Server - easy as 1 2 3

Lodestar Solutions understands the frustration of a new modeler not being able to gain access to the new TM1 server he/she had just created. They closely followed the set of instructions they had again and again to no avail. First, he/she had copied the tm1s.cfg file from an existing operating model on the same network, changing the ServerName, PortNumber, LoggingDirectory and DatabaseDirectory within that new file to reflect the name and location of the new server they were setting up. Second, they created a new server instance in IBM Cognos Configuration and edited the location to point to the directory from the tm1s.cfg file resided.

TM1 Server

Next, they added the new server in IBM Cognos Application Configuration. They were able to successfully add the server, but upon doing so received a warning message. The message can be expected because the server has been set up without security. Setting up the log in permissions will be the next step in the process. Below we see our demonstration Blog server added to IBM Cognos Application Configuration and the resulting warning message.

TM1 server

The next step should be to open the application with no password and set up new users. However, the application seemed to be inaccessible. An error message similar to the one below left our new modeler confused as to where his instructions had failed.

tm1 server

The missing step involved the setting of the IntegratedSecurityMode within the tm1s.cfg file. It was set at 5, which was the setting copied from the existing server when we copied its tm1s.cfg file. The setting of 5 was exactly the correct setting for existing server operating in an environment where the network used NTLM authentication. The generic instructions our frustrated modeler was following made the assumption of local security; thereby using a setting of 1 for IntegratedSecurityMode. The following additional steps had to be taken:

1) In Services, stop the server.

2) Open the TM1.cfg file in Notepad and change the IntegratedSecurityMode to 1. Save.

3) In Services, Start server back up.

4) Open the server in Architect or Perspectives with log in as user name admin and no password.

5) Right click on the server. Choose Security, Clients/Groups to add the new users. Presently we see that Admin is the only user and status is active.

tm1 server

Now we have added three new users and set the appropriate permissions for each.

tm1 server

6) Close out of the Architect or Perspectives.

7) Stop the new server in Services.

8) Open the TM1.cfg file back up. Now change the IntegratedSecurityMode to 5. Save.

9) Start the server in Services

10) Log onto Cognos TM1 Applications using the Administrator user name with its assigned network password. Now when opening Performance Modeler we can choose the new Blog server.

tm1 server

The server opens and we can begin creating our Model.

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