TM1 Excel Input Templates (Non-Interactive)

How can you provide users with a non-interactive TM1 Excel Input Templates to make data loads easier?

Below are steps to walk you through the process.

  1. Create View (Perspectives Server Explorer) –
    a. Use subsets to select only detail/input items
    b. Ensure the Hierarchy/Node dimension(s) is a title dimension
  2. Slice View to Excel
  3. Select the Print Report Wizard

On the following Screen:

TM1 Excel Input Templates

a. Select Dimension(s) to be used to create sheets
b. Select Single Workbook

Note: Print Multiple Workbooks works well as a method to create individual reports

On the following Screen:

TM1 Excel Input Templates

c. Save as Excel File
d. Create a Snapshot

4. Use Excel Functionality to Group Sheets
5. Create DBSW formulas

TM1 Excel Input Templates

6. Hide DBSW Formulas
7. Save each Excel Sheet as its own File
8. Send to Users
9. [Upon Receipt of User Template] Open Template in Perspectives – F9

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