IBM Cognos BI License Changes

The licensing changes went into effect July 29, 2014, and affects a majority of all IBM Cognos BI licenses.  In an effort to streamline and make their licensing structure simpler, IBM has reduced the number of different licenses and are moving existing licenses into the new licensing model.  This will happen automatically so you will see new names on your support renewal. Here’s the AWESOME news!!!!  For many of you,  IBM ended up supersizing your licenses. To reduce the number of license types IBM had to add capability to a lot of your licenses.

They couldn’t take away functionality you paid for, or clients would scream.  So they super-sized you! Lodestar has a video which communicates how these changes will affect you and items to consider moving forward.  With more access rights comes additional training for your users.

Lodestar is always available to assist you with your training needs and provide tips on how to maximize any training should you decide to conduct it internally. We realize many want to see these changes in writing from IBM, but in our opinion they didn’t do the greatest job of communicating this major change.

Click on the link below which will bring you to the withdrawal announcement which shows these changes became effective July 29th.

As always, Lodestar is always here to help you understand how these changes will affect you and your organization.  We offer a free “What the Heck do I Own” session where we explain what you own and answer any questions.  Email so we can schedule your session today.

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