DimensionElementPrincipleName – What The Heck Is It?

I recently had an issue with a TM1 TI Process that did not want to load data where the data source was using an Alias.  I’ve never had a problem with using an Alias before, but there is always a first for everything.  To get around the problem, I changed that variable to “Other” and created a new variable using the following TI function to change the Alias to the Principle Name.  At that point, the data would finally load.  That function is DimensionElementPrincipleName

What is DimensionElementPrincipalName?

This is a TM1 TurboIntegrator function, valid only in TurboIntegrator processes.

This function returns the principal name of an element or element alias.

TurboIntegrator must use principal element names when updating dimensions; element aliases cannot be used. This function is therefore useful for determining principal element names while attempting to update a dimension when only element aliases are available to the TurboIntegrator process.


DimensionElementPrincipleName ( DimName, ElName )

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