Documenting TM1 with Pulse by Cubewise

Documenting TM1 with Pulse

As Business Analytics Coaches, it is Lodestar Solution's passion and responsibility to find and talk about products that make your job easier. This is the second blog in the series, “Documenting IBM Cognos TM1”. In this series, we are exploring different products that help with the biggest pain point in Cognos TM1 development which is typically “Documentation”. The following product review will be directed at Pulse by CubeWise.

With Pulse by CubeWise, you have a few options for documenting your model:

  • Interactive Diagrams –   This provides an interactive dashboard that shows dimensions and cubes and their relationships. You can click on an object and drill into a related object.
  • Relationship Diagram – This provides another view of your application that shows relationships between the objects. This can be exported to a PDF which helps in sharing the architecture with your audience.
  • Commentary – You can add your own commentary to each object which provides additional details on the purpose of the object.
  • Technical Documentation – In this detail view, you can see the relationship of Cubes, Dimensions and Processes. This feature also provides insight into subsets and views. In our opinion, this is a very good feature because, as you know, in order to document this, you have to scan through the entire application which can be very tedious.
  • Change Tracking – This is a great feature since this is the most challenging aspect of TM1 development. It provides features like recording the history of all changes and comparing versions at the code level. This is great time saver and potentially provides excellent control during large development projects.

Pulse by CubeWise also has some other features like migration between different servers, Alerts, Monitoring of Licenses, as well as Job & System verification (Status of Processes and Scheduled Chores). You can explore all that we have discussed and more by visiting the CubeWise website.

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