Documenting TM1 with QUBEdocs

Documenting TM1 with QUBEdocsQUBEdocs – is this the solution to some of your TM1 challenges?

One of the biggest challenges with TM1 has always been the limited ability of the application to provide artifacts for documentation. Over the years, we have seen many flavors of documentation. Some are good and have been plagiarized and some are really bad. In the end, a common theme among them is two type of documents; Design and Administrative. Creating these documents and keeping them updated is very tedious and takes away precious time from other activities. Since TM1 development is definitely an agile activity and dynamic updates to the application are sometimes lost and not covered in the documentation, it is high time that a product is developed that takes care of this problem. Could this solution be QUBEdocs?

In most cases, when there is an issue, an opportunity is available to solve it.  Some organizations have seen the opportunity in the limited documentation capabilities of TM1 and created products that fill this gap. One of these products may be the aforementioned QUBEdocs.

As per the QUBEdocs website:

QUBEdocs makes documenting IBM Cognos TM1 easy.

QUBEdocs enhances Cognos TM1 by adding a new dimension of visibility and information governance. Developed by leading TM1 specialist and IBM Premier Business Partner, Cortell NZ, QUBEdocs is a proven solution for addressing the everyday challenges of IBM Cognos TM1 analysts and developers. By delivering meaningful documentation of TM1 models, it virtually eliminates many of the time-consuming tasks (and overheads) associated with managing and making risk-free changes to TM1 models.

The biggest bang for your buck could be the potential for auto generating documentation for the updated architecture as changes are made and keeping all parties in the know. If QUBEdocs can solve this problem, then there is a bright future for this product.

In the next few weeks we will be testing this product and will provide our review. We will also be covering other products that claim to fill this need. Should you have any questions on this particular product or any others that we have tested or should test, please feel free to contact us at

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