Don’t Upgrade to Cognos Analytics without Motio!

Don't Upgrade to Cognos Analytics without Motio
October 4, 2019

WARNING! If you are planning your Cognos Analytics upgrade and you haven’t heard of Motio, your upgrade will take more time and cost you more than it needs to. Don’t upgrade to Cognos Analytics without Motio!

Use the Right Tools for the Job

Let’s say you had a 5-acre yard to mow and you have two tools you can use. You have a push mower or a large green John Deere tractor.  Which tool would you pick?  The tractor of course!  But clients that aren’t planning to use Motio to streamline their upgrade are choosing the push mower when they don’t have to! Motio provides tools that help IBM Cognos BI administrators succeed with their upgrade.  IBM believes so much in Motio tools they use them internally and they have an agreement to give clients like you access to the Motio tools for 30 days for free. They call it, “Motio in the box.” Check out Motio’s blog for more information.

Don’t upgrade to Cognos Analytics without Motio!

Motio Benefits for Cognos Clients

Benefits of Motio tools for your upgrade to Cognos Analytics

  • Reduce the clutter of old, unused reports and objects before you upgrade or after
  • Complete regression testing
  • Control versioning so production changes can be promoted to sandboxes for testing
  • When you identify issues, you can update in mass
  • Stress test below going live to ensure success
  • Retrieve content from orphaned/deleted users

Motio recently came out with an amazing new MotioCI module called Inventory. This tool has helped clients understand what’s really in their content store and what report objects are being used. For some clients this has helped them reduce the number of reports to upgrade in half! 

Do you really know what’s in your content store? 

Try this, in your Cognos Product Environment run a query to find the number per object type. The objects can be found here:


Here’s the query:

select c.NAME as "class name", count(*) as "number of objects"
order by c.NAME;

Did the size of your Cognos Content Store shock you?

I like to say the content store is like my garage. It’s amazing how quickly it gets cluttered.  Keep an eye out for my next blog where I’ll cover how to declutter your content store. There are ways to declutter it but Motio tools will help you do it faster! Don’t upgrade to Cognos Analytics without Motio.

Motio Tools for Every Step

Motio Tools will help you reduce the clutter before you upgrade. They will help you with the upgrade, and MotioPI Pro will help you quickly repair issues in mass. MotioCI Versioning will help you bring changes to Prod that happened while you were testing over so you can control the versions. Finally, Motio Report Card will ensure your system has top performance.

Motio Tools
Check out the MotioCI and MotioPI on the Motio website.  

Lodestar Solutions is a value added reseller of Motio products. So as you are planning your upgrade connect with and we can help you upgrade faster and cheaper. Again, don’t upgrade to Cognos Analytics without Motio!

To learn more about upgrading to Cognos Analytics and to view our videos on Motio, join our new and improved Lodestar Solutions’ Cognos Analytics Club for free. Club members will gain access to videos, tools and special training offers. Click here to join the club. 

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