Easy Tips For Finding Hidden Cognos Planning Items

Want some Easy Tips For Finding Hidden Cognos Planning Items?

These items are often used for calculations but do not need to be presented.  To hide the item on the web, Contributor Administrators will set up saved selections and access tables for the hidden items.

IBM Cognos Planning – Minimizing maintenance:

  1. In Analyst, name all items to be hidden to start with  H_  (For example H_Compensation Calc)
  2. Sync your model
  3. In the Saved Selection area of Contributor Admin, create a Saved selection for the hidden items on each d-list. For example Hidden Compensation
  4. When you get to the selection screen, do not check the hidden manually instead  on the right use the filter option from the drop down list
  5. Enter H_*
    a. The * is a wildcard
    b. Consider if you want this to be case sensitive (I don’t recommend it)
  6. Save the Selection
  7. In Access Tables, create an access table for the cube that uses the hidden saved selection and set it to Hidden
  8. Go To Production

The result is that as you change your model and add more hidden items to the list, they will be automatically included in the hidden selection; therefore reducing your maintenance.

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