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Emotional Decision MakingThink about it. You make thousands of decisions each day but have you ever really thought about the process behind how you made that decision? Every decision you make is based on emotion. From the breakfast you eat to how fast/slow you drive to work to putting off that meeting with Sally Herfinerbler because you know she’s going to ask a question you’re not ready to answer. You CHOSE to eat a banana & yogurt because you FEEL that it would help you lose weight which will make you happy. You CHOSE to drive exactly the speed limit because want to avoid the FEELING of embarrassment for being pulled over and receiving another speeding ticket. You CHOSE to put off that meeting because of the FEELING you’ll get when Sally asks you that question.  It can be boiled down to basic human nature: either you want to avoid PAIN or gain PLEASURE from making that particular decision.

So how can we apply this to business? Well, if you can control those emotions when making a decision and think as rationally and logically as possible, you’ll more than likely have more clarity into that decision making process as opposed to making rash choices. Sounds pretty simple but everyone’s guilty of it. Also, if you are looking to persuade someone else to make a decision, you should understand how emotional that person would be in their decision making process or how logical they tend to be. You can then guide them so that when it’s time to make that decision, they will be more apt to lean towards your idea. You can close with an emotionally charged appeal which may tip the scales in your favor.

Combine this thinking with the 6 human needs (Certainty, Variety, Growth, Significance, Love/Connection, Contribution – explained by Tony Robbins at TED Conference) and you have a powerful way to communicate and/or persuade individuals in their decision making.

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