Execute Multiple TM1 TI Processes with Parallel Loading

​Execute Multiple TM1 TI Processes with Parallel Loading

As a TM1 power user, you are aware that a TM1 TI process sets a lock to the cube, which is loaded in a dimension maintenance function. This lock can cause end users to wait until the TI process is complete and the lock has been released. If you have a large amount of data to load, this can be very annoying to the end users, seeing that they have to wait a long time. So, it is recommended that you separate the Metadata maintenance from the data maintenance in separate TI processes and run them as a chore.   Are you aware that you can Execute Multiple TM1 TI Processes?

If long loading times are still an issue, try Parallel Loading, which is running multiple TI processes at the same time. This will allow the system to take advantage of multi-reading. You can even run the same TI process multiple times concurrently. When you define the parallel loading process make sure that all concurrent processes are loading a different segment of the data. Examples of segments could be time, products, regions, or business units.

Running Concurrent TM1 TurboIntegrator Processes –

  1. One way to run concurrent TI processes is to schedule a chore for each segment process at the same time. In the chore you will specify the segment parameters.
  2. You can also use a command-line tool to run a TI process, which will allow you to start the process from outside the Cognos TM1 server. This would allow you to also leverage non-Cognos schedulers, like Windows Scheduler, to run TM1 TI processes. The tool is called tm1runti.exe. This magically appeared in hot fix 1 for 9.5.2 and is incorporated in TM1 10. The tm1unti.exe tool will allow you to create Action buttons for executing TM1 process which can be embedded in other code, so you may be able to remove manual steps.
    For a guide on this, try this link. (You might have to cut and paste it into your browser).

Execute Multiple TM1 TI Processes

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