Exporting TM1 Dimensions

Exporting TM1 Dimensions - quick and easy way to do this through a TI process

I was wondering aloud recently about Exporting TM1 Dimensions and then I recently encountered a client who engaged a third party consulting firm to support a non-Cognos BI software product. They had gone through the effort themselves to export their TM1 dimensions to text files and map those files to the BI software. Hence, they needed to have the automated TI Process to export the dimension into text files. The text files created would be of the same format as what would be created by right-clicking on the dimension in Server Explorer and choosing Export dimension.

In case you have a need to do this yourself, below is the TI Process coding that can assist you with exporting TM1 Dimensions:

  • From the Data Source tab, choose the IBM TM1 radio button and then Dimension Subset
  • Click the Browse button for the Data Source Name field and choose the needed subset
  • Your Variables tab will look something like this:

Exporting TM1 Dimensions

  • Choose the name of the dimension you are exporting in the Dimension tab:

Exporting TM1 Dimensions

  • Add coding to your Prolog tab similar to this:

Exporting TM1 Dimensions

  • Add coding to your Data tab similar to this:

Exporting TM1 Dimensions

For more information about exporting TM1 dimensions or general questions pertaining the TM1, email us at Sales@LodestarSolutions.com

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I hope you liked this blog on Exporting TM1 Dimensions.  To read more about TM1  and how Performance Modeler can help you, check out this blog called Performance Modeler – TM1 Model Flow Charts & Reports -  click here

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