Future of Clarity FSR and Cognos CDM?


Are you still using Clarity FSR and wondering, “What’s is the Future of Clarity FSR and Cognos CDM?”

What is the Future of Clarity FSR and Cognos CDM?  A few years ago IBM automatically changed FSR 6.6 licenses to Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) licenses but allowed all Clarity FSR clients to continue to use the older FSR technology. But your time is running out! After Sept 30, 2016, you can still use Clarity FSR but IBM will not support you on FSR 6.6 or earlier. Furthermore, Clarity FSR does not and will not have Office 2013 compatibility. To be compatible with Office 2013, you need to be using the CDM software.

Future of Clarity FSR and Cognos CDM

As a Business Analytics Coach at Lodestar Solutions, I recommend you consider migrating your Clarity FSR to the newer technology of Cognos Disclosure Management. This is a different software program so you should anticipate needing training and consulting to do the migration. If you are currently supported by IBM, you should be able to download the CDM software from your IBM Cognos support site.

If you are not current on support subscription with IBM, you may want to explore the flavors of CDM licenses that best meet your needs. IBM has recently created two flavors of CDM licensing: Enterprise for larger deployments and Express for smaller deployments. Express is significantly cheaper for the same software but it has a restriction. If you exceed 25 users, you will need to pay to trade up to the Enterprise licensing model.

Future of Clarity FSR and Cognos CDM

To learn more about CDM, check out this 3 minute video on CDM from IBM:


And yes, the latest release Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) 10.2.4 supports Office 2013.

For more information on Environmental Product Compatibility for CDM 10.2.4 check out this link:


If you would like to discuss your specific situation or get a quote on migrating to Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) please contact Services@LodestarSolutions.com.

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