Future of Query and Analysis Studio, Time for Workspace Advanced?

​Future of Query & Analysis Studio, Time for Workspace Advanced Training?

Future of Query and Analysis Studio solved - The solution to address your needs is IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced. You probably own Workspace Advanced and you may just need some training on it. Lodestar Solutions will be hosting a 2 day classroom or virtual instructor led training class. The current schedule is listed on the Lodestar Solutions events page.

Future of Query and Analysis Studio
Attention all IBM Cognos Query Studio and Analysis Studio Users. The future of query studio and analysis studio in dim! Start thinking about Cognos Workspace Advanced as IBM announced Cognos Query Studio and Cognos Analysis Studio are being deprecated/will sunset. This essentially means they are going away with the next release (after Cognos BI 10.2.2). IBM FAQ on Deprecation of Cognos Query and Analysis Studio (Must Read)

What is Cognos Workspace Advanced?

Cognos Workspace Advanced brings together Query Studio, Analysis Studio, and Report Studio Express feathers...all in one place. IBM Video on Workspace Advanced

If you are a legacy IBM Cognos 8.x user, you can continue to use your queries from IBM Cognos BI8.x in IBM Cognos BI v10.x so you shouldn't have to rebuild everything you have. However, Lodestar Solutions recommends that you get prepared now. If you are on Cognos BI 10, you already have Workspace Advanced, so it's time to use it. It can create amazing dashboards and allow users to become less dependent on the BI team which will free you up.

Curious which of your IBM Cognos users have rights to Cognos Workspace Advanced?

All of your Cognos Business Analytics users, Cognos Business Analytics Explorers and Cognos Business Analytics Admins have rights to Workspace Advance. If you are on the current licensing structure, that's almost everyone! "But I still have Cognos Consumer licenses...so what about them?" Sorry...they do not have the rights to Cognos Workspace Advanced, however, with a simple trade-up, your Cognos BI Consumer can become Cognos Business Analytic user. Email Sales@LodestarSolutions.com for more info on licensing and trade-ups.

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  1. Lodestar Solutions recommends you take the 2 day training class and learn the tricks of Cognos Workspace Advanced. https://lodestarsolutions.com/calendar/
  2. Demonstrate Cognos Workspace Advanced to your user community. Lodestar Solutions has a video on our YouTube channel that will give you tips on how to give a software demo. How to give a software Demo - Lodestar Solutions

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