How Do We Train our Power Users on the New Functionality of Cognos Analytics BI and TM1?

Cognos Analytics New Funtionality Training
December 5th, 2019

Recently, IBM released the new Cognos Analytics 11.1.4, a major update release, and in September 2019 TM1 10.2. was no longer supported.  So, we all know it’s time to upgrade.  Which prompted several emails from clients asking, “How do we train our power users on the new functionality of Cognos Analytics BI and TM1?” 

We know you and your power users are smart and over time they can learn the new functionality of Cognos Analytics (BI) and Planning Analytics (TM1) on their own.  You know, watching YouTube videos, attending a period IBM webinar as time permits.  You have the best intentions to learn it but somehow time always slips away. So, you continue to dabble in the new Cognos functionality, learning little parts over time.

Not Learning the New Functionality Is Detrimental to Your Future

What you might not realize is that by not learning the new functionality you potentially are hurting your future and your organization’s future.  Yes, I have seen it happen.  Let me explain:

We Haven’t Upgraded Yet

Maybe you haven’t upgraded to Cognos Analytics or Planning Analytics yet, so you think, “I don’t need training yet.”  Which I understand your time is limited, but what is the risk of not upgrading?  Have you thought about what would happen if something broke and you are on an unsupported version of Cognos BI or TM1?  If you call IBM support, they will tell you to upgrade.  

Now you may be thinking we don’t call IBM that often.  But if you ever upgrade ancillary technology like Microsoft Office for Excel integration it could break when Microsoft sends updates.  You don’t want that to happen during a budget cycle!  So, my first recommendation:


If you don’t know if you are supported, here are a couple links to IBM’s site that has the latest information.

So now you know you need to upgrade.  And the best way to successfully plan your upgrade is to learn what new functionality is in the latest version so you can plan the upgrade.   For more information on planning your upgrade see our previous blogs:

We have Upgraded but Haven’t Learned the New Functionality

For some of you, you are on a supported version so congratulation you are ahead of many of your peers!  But, you have not had the time to learn the new functionality.  So now is the time!  We understand you don’t have the time to attend a weeklong course.  But we do have some options for you.

  1. Do it Yourself - You can watch YouTube videos and webinars as time permits and learn it over the course of months or years.  But that means your end users and executives will not get the benefit of powerful analytics until maybe years from now.  They will see webinars focused on industry analytics or attend events and talk to other executives and ask you, why don’t we have that?  How good is that for your career?
  2. Leverage an Upgrade Functionality Training Program – Lodestar Solutions has created training programs that focus on what you need to know as a power user. We educate you on the new functionality and encourage you to brainstorm on how your organization can leverage powerful new capabilities like grabbing outside data quickly.  Our training programs are offered as on-site training or periodically we host public training classes around the US.  So if you are interested in attending please email us at  If we have enough requests from a particular city, we can create a public class in your city.
  3. Online Self-Paced - In 2020 Lodestar Solutions will be releasing our new self-paced Cognos Analytics new functionality training class that you can consume online on your schedule.  We are exploring creating a new Planning Analytics (TM1) course as well.  So, if that’s more your speed, again email us at
  4. IBM Classes – There are several options to attend various IBM training classes both live and self-paced so if you are looking for any IBM Cognos training, Lodestar can help you find alternatives.

What Do We Recommend?

After talking to attendees of our recent Cognos Analytics (BI) New Functionality Training class in Chicago, I believe taking one day out to focus to think about the new functionality and how your organization can leverage all the power of Cognos, while networking with your peers at other organizations, is the optimal solution.  The attendees said after the class they realized how beneficial the intense, focused day was to planning and creating their Analytics roadmap. 

Contact Lodestar for Training

So, to answer the question, “How do we train our power users on the new functionality of Cognos Analytics BI and TM1?”  Contact us at Lodestar Solutions, and share with us how many people you want to train and where you are located.  We will help create a training plan that fits your need.

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