How Long Can You Use Two Cognos Environments When Upgrading?

How Long Can I Use Two Cognos Environments When Upgrading?
Written by Heather Cole, May 19th 2021

Are you a Cognos Analytics BI or Planning Analytics TM1 client that recently upgraded or are planning your upgrade and wondering how long can I run two environments under the IBM licensing terms?  Today we will address how long you can use two Cognos environments when upgrading.

The Answer: It Depends

Yes, the dreaded answer to how long you can use two Cognos or Planning Analytic environments is, it depends!  The type of licensing you own dictates how long you can run dual environments of Cognos or Planning Analytics.

Authorized User Licensing 

If all your Cognos or Planning Analytic users are authorized user licenses, which mean each user accessing the system including consultants must have a license, then you can use the two environments as long as you like.  Cognos and PA users that are authorized users can have access to test, dev, prod….

Processor Value Unit Licensing

The challenge comes when a client has licensing that is Processor Value Unit (PVU) licensing which is essentially based on the server and cores assigned.  Clients with PVU licensing have 90 days to get all their users moved into production or risk failing an audit.  The reason they could fail is that they might end up using twice as many PVU’s as they have licensing for.  IBM allows a 90-day grace period. 

Click here for more info from IBM on Processor Value Unit Licensing

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Time to Upgrade

Don’t let the 90-day restriction dissuade you from upgrading.  IBM is about to launch a big release so it’s time to start planning.  With the right plan and right partner, your upgrade will run smoothly.  Lodestar would love to help you plan and execute your next upgrade.

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