How to Burst Reports from IBM Planning Analytics

How to Burst Reports from IBM Planning Analytics
Written by Heather L. Cole on August 5th, 2021

Are you an IBM Planning Analytics client and wondering how to simplify distributing reports from Planning Analytics formerly TM1?   There are a number of ways to create reports with Planning Analytics TM1 such as using the Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW), Planning Analytics for Excel (PaFe) or the older Excel integrations of TM1 Perspectives.  But what if you want to send reports to each department head every month and you want the content to be unique for their department?  Have you ever had to update a Planning Analytics for Excel report, refresh and manually email reports to executives?  It’s enough to make you want to poke your eyes out.  So today we are going to discuss how to burst reports from IBM Planning Analytics.

IBM Planning Analytics Components

Before we start let us make sure you are familiar with some of the terms that might be new to you.

  • IBM Planning Analytics for Excel - If you are not familiar with Cognos Planning Analytics for Excel (PaFe) it’s the new and future Excel integration for TM1 and it someday is supposed to replace Perspectives.   For many TM1 clients this is the primary reporting tool.  There are several report types available for Planning Analytics clients.  For more information check out IBM’s site on Report Types.

    Here is an earlier blog on Cognos Planning Analytics for Excel. 

    Also check out Lodestar Solutions’ Planning Analytics for Excel by IBM Youtube video, using the Viewer in Planning Analytics for Excel. 

  • IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) – This is the amazing dashboarding and user interface that IBM wants everyone using.  Why?  Because it’s a huge leap forward in the technology.  It provides dashboards, and a modeling interface.  Here are some of our resources for you to learn more about PAW:

    Benefits of Using Planning Analytics Workspace

  • What’s new in Planning Analytics Workspace 61 and 62? 

    IBM Workspace

    Now that we are on the same page as to the primary reporting options inherent in IBM Planning Analytics, TM1, let’s discuss. Remember that the process to burst reports or disseminating them to non-licensed team members that include TM1 data is challenging and can be laborious. 

    Well, we have great news!  There is a 3rd party solution that provides a simplified way to generate and distribute personalized reports and then burst reports via email, SharePoint or even Slack to the end users.  Bursting a report is a process of running a report once and then having it automatically send the content to the appropriate end user.  If you have multiple reports to send to a single user, this tool can even collate the reports.  This amazing tool is called ReportWorq by Quebit.


    Benefits of Report Distribution with ReportWorq

    The biggest benefit of report distribution with ReportWorq of Planning Analytics data is that it saves you a ton of time!  Do you need more time for analysis and want to stop wasting time data chasing and formatting?  If so, you need to check out this amazing 3rd party software that compliments Planning Analytics. 

    Report Distribution – We already mentioned how automating report distribution can save you time by allowing you to burst reports out by profit center or another attribute you desire.  But the best news is with ReportWorq the recipients of the report does not need an IBM Planning Analytic license.  This is fabulous for team members that only need to view reports.

    For IBM Planning Analytics customers, ReportWorq will provide you out-of-the-box support for Perspectives and PAfE reports.  ReportWORQ can reuse all the existing Planning Analytics model design and process integration, leveraging ReportWORQ’s native support for Subsets, MDX Queries and TI Integration.

    Briefing Books -  If you have ever had to combine multiple reports containing Planning Analytics data or workbooks into a single reporting package and include a cover page and table of contents, you know how long that can take.  But with ReportWorq you can develop audit and briefing books to automate the process. The great news is recipients do not need an IBM Planning Analytic license.

    Collecting Data -  For many clients there is a need to have individuals enter data into Planning Analytics just once a year.  This can become cost prohibited for clients as the use does not justify the cost of a Planning Analytics license.  As a work around they send out Excel templates and someone manually loads these into Planning Analytics (TM1).  This can take a lot of time.  But it does not have to!  ReportWorq provides a method for users to email input forms back to ReportWorq for uploading to Planning Analytics.  This can be done without a license for Planning Analytics for the person only entering data in once a year.

    Integrate Planning Analytics into PowerPoint for Board Reports

    Do you have quarterly meetings where you compile the Planning Analytics, TM1 data and create Power Point presentations for board meetings or departmental meetings?  This too can be a laborious process.  But, if you have ReportWorq, Planning Analytics data can be easily integrated into your PowerPoint so every quarter you just refresh it.

    ReportWorq Summary

    If I haven’t convinced you how much time you can save with ReportWorq then I have not done my job.  This is an amazing tool, that will free you from data chasing and allow you more time for analysis.  But I appreciate seeing is believing, so check out this brief video on Simplified Reporting and Bursting from IBM Planning Analytics and you will see how to burst reports from IBM Planning Analytics.  When you have the right tools, life is so much easier.

    To Learn More

    To learn more, email us at and we will answer all the questions you have on how to burst reports from IBM Planning Analytics.

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