Building an Analytic Culture in Your Organization

After surveying a number of clients who had implemented BI software, I realized that very few had gained the momentum they wanted or needed for BI in their organizations.  In fact, a few companies had finance departments that stated they still had many manual processes that were painfully time consuming, but they didn’t see the business being willing or able to take advantage of robust reporting and Analytics.   Some even said their end users weren’t tech savvy, and wouldn’t use better tools and data.  So the question is, how do i build an Analytic Culture?

STOP IT!  Yes I am talking to you!  If you are reading this, you believe or care about getting Business Analytics to take off in your organization.  But you must first stop thinking that your business users are stupid.  Your organization doesn’t hire stupid people.  They hired you, remember?   I am officially nominating you to start the process of educating people on the power of Business Analytics.

Here’s the bottom line.  If your organization doesn’t start to educate everyone and start building a Business Analytics roadmap, your competitors will and are doing it now.   You will be left in the dust.

So, how do you get momentum in your organization?  The most important piece is the executive’s absolute commitment to Business Analytics, and willingness to do it correctly.  Take that smirk off your face…it can happen in your organization.  But it’s up to you to make it happen.

  1. First, you need to research and assess how Business Analytics can help your organization and focus on how it can help the executives drive the organization to reach the corporation’s goals.
  2. Next, create a webinar or lunch and learn program to present to the executives that educates them on Analytics.  Keep it brief and focused.  This should include case studies on how other companies have used Analytics and BI, and areas where your organization can benefit from it. Make sure you focus on how it can make and save the company money.  The purpose of this webinar/luncheon is to educate them and remove their fear for big data and Analytics, while planting a seed.You might want to also create separate events that are geared toward educating the various areas of the business on Analytics and BI.  Each of these presentations must be customized for the audience.
  3. Practice your presentation and make sure you are overly prepared.  This is your time to shine! I want you to be the leading educator of BA/BI in your organization.  This will give you tremendous exposure and help create the momentum you need to succeed.

If you need help creating and presenting the power of BA, Lodestar does offer coaching services that can help you and your organization create momentum and make you look like a rock star.

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