IBM Cognos Analytics 11- Top 14 Questions Answered


IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (you can think about this as Cognos BI 11) is the new powerful Business Intelligence platform recently introduced by IBM. On April 14, 2016, I presented a webinar highlighting some of what IBM Cognos Analytics 11 has to offer along with a demo of the product.

Cognos Analytics 11

Throughout the demo, the registrants had an opportunity to ask questions and I wanted to take a minute to provide answers for those questions. We also wanted to thank everyone again for joining. I will be hosting another webinar showing IBM Cognos Analytics 11 on May 19, 2016 at 3pm eastern time. There is no charge for this webinar and you can join us by registering at

Cognos Analytics 11 Q&A:

1. When will Cognos Analytics 11 be available for Cognos Express licensed users? Currently scheduled to be available late Q2.

2. Is IIS required if you use single sign on? Yes, it is required.

3. Can users set folders as home pages? No, not on this current release.

4. Is Framework Manager part of IBM Cognos Analytics 11? Yes, FM is part of Cognos 11 for meta data modeling, connecting TM1 cubes as packages, etc.

5. Is drill up/down available in Cognos 11? Yes.

6. Is drill through available in Cognos 11? Yes, if option to run a report with full interactivity is set to no. When set to yes, report interacts via Cognos 11. When set to no, report acts more like Cognos 10.

7. Are traditional studios available? Yes, although they are hidden by default. See chart below:

Cognos Analytics 11

8. Where is data stored via file uploads? Stored in a high accessible columner type data file.

9. Does data model snapshot refresh automatically? Not at this time, must be done manually.

10. Will items such as agents be available in Cognos Analytics 11? Yes, it is in the roadmap.

11. Migration path between version 10.2.2 and Cognos Analytics 11? Cognos 11 is an upgrade, not a migration.

12. With all of the new features, how is performance? Performance remains as fast as 10.2.2 while being monitored for future improvements.

13. Any licensing changes? Currently all licensing remains the same.

14. How can I “turn on” other studios? The easiest way to do this is during install by choosing custom install option.

Thank you for the great questions! I would expect additional questions and answers to be added to this blog.

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