IBM Cognos Products Update – Big Changes!

IBM Cognos

Major Updates on IBM Cognos Products!

IBM Cognos Analytics (CA)

IBM Cognos Analytics release 5 is available for download as of late 2016.  This release added great functionality to CA and therefore makes an already great product even better.  Let's take a look at what improved.

Areas improved include:

  • Geospatial Mapping – For all of you C8 and C10 users, this is a huge addition.  Mapping was lacking (to be kind) in previous versions of Cognos BI.  IBM has greatly improved this area in release 5 in partnership with MapBox.  The visual is much better and you can now get down to street level analytics and everything in between!
  • Dashboard – Major improvements in release 5.  These include: direct connection to relational FM packages, new visualizations with RAVE 2, and new navigation paths to skip levels in a hierarchy.  Other enhancements include: filter clears, pinned headers, and the ability to import your own extensions to be used as widgets.
  • Reporting – Some improvements include: new visualizations out of the box and a new visualization window, interactive viewer URL, and a modernized prompt and filter user interface (UI).
  • Modeling – You can now link data models easier, create navigation groups, and utilize framework manager packages in data modules.
  • Storytelling – Introduced in IBM Cognos Analytics release 4.  Release 5 includes infographic summaries, animations, and a new guided journey.

Release 5 also includes the ability to connect to 3 new data sources (Snowflake, PivotalHDB, and Amazon Aurora), additional customization options, sharing and embedding content.

The IBM Cognos Analytics team continues to add great value with each release and expects release 6 to be available early March 2017.

For a video demo of IBM Cognos Analytics and more, check out our Cognos Club. 

IBM Cognos Planning Analytics (PA)

This is game changing because it takes an already powerful platform built on the IBM Cognos TM1 engine and makes it an all in one solution.  Planning Analytics now provides a self service environment for all using a planning workspace.  It discovers insights on the fly and keeps you 1 step ahead at all times.  As of Dec 2016, it is available on prem as well as the cloud.  As with CA, PA is a powerful, scalable enterprise tool that does not need to be owned by IT.

IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft (PAx) was formerly known as CAFE or Cognos Analysis for Excel.  As a result, when you upgrade to PAx,you will get a brand new look and feel and and many powerful improvements.  Hierarchies are a new feature in PA.  This feature provides even more analysis on dimensional data.  Among other things, you can now create new hierarchies on the fly without changing a rule or TI process.

If you have not seen a demo of IBM Cognos Planning Analytics, contact us at

IBM Cognos Planning Analytics Express

Cognos Express is now IBM Cognos Planning Analytics Express.  This product is a combination of Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics but at a lower price point for customers that have 50 or less planning users and no more than 100 total users.  With this solution, you make the call.  Perhaps you want the planning analytics piece only?  Yes, you can just install that product.  Or maybe, you just want the Cognos Analytics piece.  Maybe you want both and yes you can have the best of both worlds and not break the bank.

Now you are asking, “What if I own enterprise BI but do not have many users and I want all of the above?”  You may have a number of different options.  Contact us at today for a free review of your software entitlements.

IBM Cognos Fix Packs

To find the latest available fix packs for Cognos software check out IBM Fix pack central at the following link.  It is important to keep your Cognos products up to date with the latest fixes.  If you need help installing any fix pack or any of the new products contact us at  Please note that you must be current on support to access fix packs.