IBM Connections is NOT IBM Cognos Connection


Far too many times IBM uses similar descriptions for different products.  Let us provide you another occasion of which you should take note. This time it's the word “IBM Connections.”

We recently posted a blog that IBM Connections (part #E03VJLL) has been unbundled from existing IBM Cognos BI licenses as part of the simplification of the Business Intelligence licensing structure. This licensing simplification occurred last summer.  During your renewal cycle when this separated part appears, you are able to drop the part without a pricing penalty if you are not needing its functionality.

The other “Connections” reference is IBM Connections which IBM describes as such: “IBM® Connections 5 is a leading social network platform that helps you get work done. Connections 5 allows your organization to engage the right people, accelerate innovation and deliver results. Now you can confidently share knowledge beyond traditional organizational boundaries. Improve decision-making. Increase productivity. Accelerate time to market.  IBM Connections 5 meets your needs with flexible deployment options; on-premises or on the IBM cloud.”  This link will provide you with this description as well as more information about the product so that you can decide whether or not to keep it:

I just wanted to make it clear that it is not to be confused with IBM Cognos Connection that you see in your splash screen when accessing your BI portal.

IBM Connections versus IBM Cognos Connection

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