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March 26th, 2020

Don’t Delay Your Cognos BI or TM1 Upgrade, Use IBM Global Financing

Were you planning to upgrade or buy additional Cognos licenses?  You thought you had approval to upgrade your IBM Cognos BI or TM1, but capital investments have been put on hold.  The world has changed in a matter of days, but business must go on.  Just a little differently perhaps?  If your company is putting your project or Cognos license purchase on hold, maybe they should reconsider their position.  In times of uncertainty you need even better visibility to your numbers.  Tools like Cognos BI and Cognos Planning Analytics are even more important to have on the latest supported version.  Today, understanding the numbers is mission critical.  Don’t Delay your Cognos BI or TM1 Upgrade, Use IBM Global Financing.

What is IBM Global Financing (IGF)?

IBM has a global financing division that can help clients looking to purchase IBM licensing, renewal and even support distribute their payments over time.  But the amazing thing is right now IBM Global Financing (IGF) and the various IBM brands like IBM Cognos Analytics are working together to bring you fabulous deals like 0% financing. Of course, you would need to qualify but Lodestar Solutions has had many clients qualify for 0%.  It’s like free money!

For more information on IGF click here.

How IGF Deals Work

Are you wondering how IBM can give clients with good credit 0% financing on IBM renewals and license purchases?  Well, the secret is that the IGF team looks at your credit and the deal size.  They then work with the brand like Cognos Analytics and they get the brand to fund some of the financing costs, so you can get it as low as 0%.  We have seen deals at 0% for new licenses and support renewals this month.

Who Should Use IBM Global Financing?

I can’t emphasize enough how important I feel it is for you to be on a supported version of Cognos Analytics BI and/or Cognos Planning Analytics (TM1) during times of uncertainty.  This is when forecasting and getting visibility to the data through BI dashboards is even more important.  So, don’t slow down your upgrades.  Instead, I recommend using IBM Global Financing to accelerate your upgrades, model redesigns and training.  Yes, you can use IBM for services when they are purchased with software. So, plan that virtual training class for Cognos while your teams are working from home.  All IBM Cognos clients can benefit from global financing.

Wondering What’s Available to You?

Interested in IGF and wondering what would my company qualify for?  It simple to learn.  Just email me at and we will talk about your goals and needs.  Once we understand if you need help with a Cognos renewal, licensing or both, we will provide a quote and introduce you to IBM Global Financing.  You determine if you want monthly or quarterly payments.  IGF will research your organization and let us know what they can offer.  IGF will then draft the paperwork.  You sign it and issue a PO to us for processing.  It’s quite easy.

Lodestar Solutions can help you with:

  • Planning your upgrade
  • Learning the new functionality of the recent versions
  • Get you the best price on Cognos Renewals
  •  Ensure you are in the right licensing mix and get the best price for new licenses

So, don’t delay your Cognos BI or TM1 upgrade, use IBM Global Financing.

For more information contact Heather at or 813-415-2910

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