IBM Let the Cognos TM1 Grandfather Clause Die Putting Old Clients at Risk!

Old TM1 clients could fail an audit!
February 20th, 2020​

To all you very old TM1 clients I urge you to check your IBM entitlements!  I recently learned that a few of you might be at risk of failing an audit. If you purchased back when it was TM1 version 9.4 which would have been some time in 2009 you might be at risk.  This was about a year after IBM purchased Cognos. More recently, I learned that IBM let the Cognos TM1 grandfather clause die.  What that means is the clause that protected old TM1 clients because they purchased on a different licensing model is no longer protecting them and they could fail an audit.

TM1 9.4 Licensing

Old timers like me recall that TM1 version 9.4 was a unique licensing model that did not require any server licensing.  It only required the TM1 modelers but usually people also had users. Click here for details.   

Big Change in 9.5 Licensing

In December of 2009 IBM launched 9.5 which required the analytic server component, but they allowed clients who purchased under the 9.4 version to be grandfathered and they were not required to buy the analytic server component. The Licensing dependencies were that TM1 Installations required a license for the IBM Cognos Analytic Server and a minimum of 1 IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning TM1 Modeler. See requirements here

However, if the client upgraded their servers or wanted to add more users, IBM stated the client needed to invest in the TM1 analytic server license which is a PVU licensing model.  For more information on the PVU licensing see our previous blog.

Recent Changes in Planning Analytics TM1 Licensing

Over the years IBM has invested significantly in upgrading TM1 and after 10.2 they rebranded it Planning Analytics.  This release is so powerful and flexible it’s almost like other solutions. But under the cover is the robust TM1 engine.  With this change, IBM decided that they would require ALL clients using TM1 / Planning Analytics to own licensing for the analytics server even those previously grandfathered.  Because most clients have upgraded their servers and added additional users this change was not expected to impact many clients.  But for the few clients that have not invested in the analytics server, this change is very important to understand.   

Why This Matters: Don’t Fail an Audit

If you purchased TM1 in 2009 with version 9.4 you could fail a future audit if you do not pay attention!

Here’s what you need to know :

  1. Unsupported Version: TM1 version 10.2 or earlier is no longer supported.  In order to get on a supported version, since 10.2 TM1 is no longer supported check out this information
  2. Recommendation: Lodestar Solutions does not recommend you use an unsupported version of TM1 as something as simple as a Microsoft update to Excel could break your system and leave you without support.
  3. Licensing: There are two options for your licensing for Planning Analytics.  You can purchase the PVU’s you need for the analytics server or you can move to a different licensing model called Planning Analytics Advanced. With PA Advanced you can have either unlimited PVU’s or unlimited users. Lodestar can run the numbers and help you calculate the best option.  For help email
  4. Cost: We appreciate that this may be a cost you did not anticipate. IBM however has agreed in many cases to provide the equivalent value of PVU’s that would have been available when you purchased originally. For many clients this means they can get 140 PVU’s of licensing, when they purchase what they need to be complaint. I know this can be confusing, but Lodestar Solutions can help you figure out what licensing you need. See our blog on 13 Common TM1 Licensing Questions. For a quote on your licensing options email
  5. Added Value:   Planning Analytics has a ton of new functionality that can revolutionize your planning and budgeting process. For many older TM1 clients this means it might be time to redesign their old TM1 models to leverage the new functionality.  Here’s a blog on the topic of TM1 redesign. 
  6. PAW:  If you do purchase additional licensing, we encourage you to consider adding the Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) which takes planning and visualizations to another level!  By investing in PAW when you purchase the analytics server you may qualify for a volume discount.  Saving you a lot of money! See our blog on 7 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Workspace.   

Video of the Power of Planning Analytics Workspace!

Wow, we covered a lot! What Lodestar wants you to remember is that IBM let the Cognos TM1 grandfather clause die putting old clients at risk if they don’t invest in the analytics server or new licensing model.

I know it can be confusing, but don’t worry, Lodestar Solutions is here to answer any questions.  So, contact Lodestar with any questions, to discuss your upgrade, see a demo of the new version and get a quote for adding the licensing you need.

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