Integrating TM1 9.5 and Cognos BI – Part 1

​Integrating TM1 9.5 and Cognos BI Part 1

IBM Cognos 10 greatly improves the performance of Integrating TM1 9.5 and Cognos BI, but many clients aren’t leveraging the integration in their Cognos environment. Below are Lodestar guidelines:

You must assign a measures dimension in TM1 for the cube you will be using in BI.

  1. Right click on cube to publish in TM1 selecting Properties
    a. In the measures dimension box, click the measures dimension
    b. Assign the Time Dimension
    c. TM1 Server must be running so you can connect to it as a datasource
    Integrating TM1 9.5 and Cognos BI
IBM Cognos TM1
  • Once TM1 settings are established, Publish Cube in FM
  • When you create the package in FM, you can include multiple cubes in one package & combine TM1 Cubes and Relational DMR sources
    a. Multiple cubes may negatively impact performance because meta data for all cubes in a package will be loaded
    b. Multiple cubes in a package allow you to build a report that displays data from different cubes
    c. You can’t combine data from multiple cubes into a crosstab, list or chart
  • Re-publish the Cube in FM
    a. After Adding/Removing dimensions
    b. Changes to TM1 Security
    c. Specify or change Level Names
  • Re-publish not necessary
    a. After Adding/Removing/Moving members to a dimensions
    b. Data changes
  • Create a multi-Cube FM package only when a single Report requires queries to more than one cube
  • Users must have cube security to all cubes in a package to use the package
  • Create single cube FM packages for package load performance
  • TM1 String values can be reported in BI using list reports (Comment cubes)
  • Changing level names in TM1 after a BI report’s created with previous level name will break the report
  • Republish TM1 package to display newly added TM1 Attributes or Alias in BI
  • Changing the alias of the Measure dimension will break a report until republish
  • Avoid using Alias for Measure dimension
  • Element maintenance does not require republishing the TM1 Package in BI
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