BI is a Business Process, Not Software

BI is a Business Process, Not Software,

One of the most common misconceptions about Business Intelligence is that it is a technology solution.  I buy the right software, hire the right consultants, plug it in and Boom……I have Business Intelligence.  The reality is that Business Intelligence is a Business solution supported by technology not a technology solution supported by the business.  It’s a business process; and if it is not implemented as a business process, it won’t matter how much money you throw at it, you are not going to get the value you intended.

In order for Business Intelligence to become a valuable tool for the business it has to be designed to drive decision making and become part of the daily culture of an organization.  The business has to be an integral part of the effort to implement a business intelligence solution, be committed to the process, define the goals and establish the view of the business that is needed to support their decision making.  In most cases information technology resource can’t do it.

Business Intelligence is about understanding information about your business and the relationship between what may sometimes seem like disparate information.  We do this so that we can look back and understand why things happened; look forward and forecast reliably and look at the business right now, in real time, and react while you have a chance to impact the business today.  It doesn’t matter if you are using the most sophisticated software on the market to do it or you are using an excel spreadsheet.  Business Intelligence is a business process that transcends the technology behind it.

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